Who will grant a loan to the credit? bank? loan company?

Hello. Who will grant a loan to the credit? I have an active retirement credit and I need a small loan for Christmas. Banks will certainly not help me, and are there any non-bank companies that will grant loans if I have a credit? If I found a guarantor, is this your chance to raise small funds? Is it in a bank or non-bank company? Who will grant a loan to the credit?


Who will grant a loan to the credit?

credit loans

So no loan company can check if you have a credit when you apply for a loan or not. You have no reason to go to the bank because they will reject your loan application on the go because of poor credit standing. The only thing the loan company will see is: that you are in BIK and you have an entry for an unpaid loan, because such an entry appears in BIK after 60 days of being in arrears with the loan installment.

Therefore, the question: Who will grant a loan with a credit is out of place, and the more correct wording of the question is: where will I get a loan without BIK, a loan without KRD, a loan without checking databases, registers, etc. You need to look for a loan company that provides loans without checking the BIK and KRD records.


Is it possible to get a loan from a credit?

credit loan

By all means, I would not be myself if I had not warned you before making another commitment, since you have debts from previous unpaid loans. You must always try not to fall into further debts at all costs, and get out of them successively by working on your household budget, ie saving and, if possible, increasing your earnings.

Well, but if you need a loan for the holidays, I understand that you have no other choice but to use the services of a loan company. As I wrote, you need to look for a loan company that does not check BIK, because if you submit a loan application in a company that checks the bases, your application will not pass and will be rejected.


Borrowing and a credit

Borrowing and a credit

Another important thing you need to pay attention to is that if you have a credit, you can have your bank account occupied, so if you can get a loan where you have a credit attachment, the amount of the loan that will affect the bank account taken by the credit will be forfeited, ie the amount of the loan will be taken by a credit.

Therefore, it is best if you use a local loan company, where as a form of transferring funds from the loan you choose the transfer of money to your hand and not to a bank account.


What loan with a credit should you choose?

What loan with a credit should you choose?

There are a few loan companies that grant loans to people with credit seizures, but the question is to choose a loan with the lowest interest rate, ie the smallest APRC. It should be the cheapest, how can it be true? If there is no local loan company in the town where you live that does not check BIK, you can use the internet search engine and find a loan company online.

Then, to bypass the payment of the loan amount to the bank account taken by the credit, you will need to use a GIRO check. What is GIRO?

Cash withdrawals from what I know are offered by loan companies:

  • Easy Credit
  • and AS Credit.

And as I wrote, receiving the loan amount via the GIRO check will allow you to bypass the traditional bank transfer and verify by transfer per penny. When you apply for a loan, you must select the “GIRO” option. Then, if you receive a loan, you will also receive an SMS code with which you should go to the Polish Post Office to collect cash. Of course, you also need to take your current ID card with you.


Home loans

Home loans

Here you also get the loan amount because it is provided by a representative of the loan company, then the loan agreement is signed and the funds are transferred to your own hands. So an equally good solution. what a GIRO check.


A loan with a guarantor

A loan with a guarantor

You write if there is a chance to get a loan if you found a guarantor. Loans for surety are still enjoying their popularity, but knowing that my finances are not in the best condition, I’d rather quit looking for a guarantor so that in case of more serious financial problems and lack of loan repayment, I wouldn’t put someone in a difficult situation.

Because the guarantor, when the main borrower fails to pay the installments on time, is obliged to repay the loan. Therefore, I would treat this option as a last resort. If you can find a guarantor at all.

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