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We tried these gas stations today and they were all out of gas

Merseyside gas stations are either backed by queued drivers or run out of fuel due to fears of gasoline shortages.

Other gas stations in the area were forced to close today, Saturday, September 25, after running out of fuel following similar scenes on Friday.

A sign at the Shell gas station on Aigburth Road in Aigburth reads “No fuel sorry”, leaving motorists having to refuel to look elsewhere.

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Which gas stations have you visited today that have no fuel? Let us know in the comments below

Photos taken by ECHO today show yellow “Sorry out of service” signs on gasoline and diesel pumps.

And most of the gas stations ECHO visited today don’t have fuel.

Tesco on Mather Avenue in Allerton would have had gasoline but no diesel.

Photos of Sainsbury’s petrol station on Scotland Road also showed cones and barricades blocking the entry of cars, with a sign reading “The petrol station is closed”.

No fuel was left at the Shell gas station on Aigburth Road in Aigburth

A number of ECHO journalists also tried various gas stations across Merseyside to see if they were open or had fuel.

It was reported that the Shell garage on Queens Drive by the Rocket was closed and the Tesco gas station on Altcar Road in Formby was also closed.

No fuel was left at the Shell gas station on Aigburth Road in Aigburth
No fuel was left at the Shell gas station on Aigburth Road in Aigburth

The BP garage on Islington Road also ran out of fuel, leaving drivers to go elsewhere.

On the Wirral, Sainsbury’s on King’s Road in Bebington and Texaco on Old Chester Road in Bebington were both out of gas.

The Asda gas station on Woodchurch Road near Arrowe Park was also diverting motorists and had to close due to lack of fuel.

The same was also found at Sainsbury’s gas station in Prenton.

Today an NHS worker told ECHO she remained in tears at a petrol station after a half hour of queuing for fuel left her late for work.

Sainsbury's petrol station closed on Scotland Road
Sainsbury’s petrol station closed on Scotland Road

Laura, who asked to be referred to by her first name, said she was heading to work in Wirral this morning when she was unable to get fuel at three gas stations in the area.

List of gas stations out of gas or closed today (September 25)

Shell, road from Aigburth to Aigburth

Tesco, avenue Mather in Allerton

Sainsbury’s, Scotland Road to Vauxhall

Shell, Queens Drive in Childwall

Tesco, Altcar Road to Formby

BP, Islington Road, Islington

Sainsbury’s, King’s Road, Bebington

Texaco, Old Chester Road to Bebington

Asda, Woodchurch Road, Arrowe Park

Sainsbury’s, Woodchurch Road, Prenton

Closures and queues are the latest at a number of stores suffering from supply shortages, in part due to a shortage of heavy truck drivers.

The pandemic and Brexit both played their part in this perfect storm of crisis for the industry, with a backlog of drive tests within the DVLA limiting the number of new drivers available to alleviate the problem.

BP said some garages in its network of 1,200 people were experiencing shortages – with Esso and Tesco also being forced to close a small number of forecourts.

The Road Haulage Association said 100,000 drivers were short.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps did not rule out deploying the army on the forecourt or relaxing the rules to alleviate the shortage of drivers.

Asked about it on BBC Breakfast, Mr Shapps said: “If it really helps, we will bring them in.”

People are advised to buy fuel “as usual”.

A spokesperson for the Prime Minister said the government had acknowledged that there were “problems facing many industries across the UK, and not just in terms of heavy truck drivers”.

He added that there was no shortage of fuel and that there was a “very resilient and robust supply chain”.

A spokesperson for car leasing provider urged motorists not to panic about buying fuel.

He said: “We urge our customers not to refuel unless they have to. As we understand the situation, there is no need to panic to buy gasoline or diesel. If the local gas station doesn’t have fuel, you should be able to find one nearby that does.

“Drivers should continue as usual and not panic, as refueling unnecessarily will only worsen the supply problem. “

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