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Watch this viral caption at Heathrow Airport

As Northern Europe tries to deal with the effects of Storm Eunice, one man’s plane-spotting YouTube channel has given many people a welcome distraction.

jerry dyer is an aviation enthusiast from the UK who runs the now famous Big Jet TV channel. Dyer’s channel caught the world’s attention when he began broadcasting live commenting on plane landings at Heathrow Airport during the storm.

In a style that closely resembles that of a British Premier League football commentator, Dyer drew more than 200,000 concurrent viewers to his live stream as winds in parts of the country were recorded at up to 196km. /h according to the ABC.

“Oh fair play mate. OOOH, easy son. Easy, easy,” Dyer can be heard saying over the roar of a landing plane.

“Are you sure? Are you sure?” he asks hypothetically as the wheels approach the tarmac.

“Go ahead, then go ahead! Yeah! Well done,” rejoices Dyer.

Thanks in part to a resurgence of TikTok, “train tracking” and now “plane tracking” have made their way back into the mainstream.

Creators like mega-babe Francois Bourgeois and now Jerry Dyer has made a living chasing trains and planes everywhere and documenting their experiences.


I could have given up at Acton Mainline but decided to try again. 37800 and its pilots are legendary! #trains #trend #fyp

♬ Warszawa (2017 Remaster) – David Bowie

Much of the fun of watching “scouting” content comes from witnessing the genuine enthusiasm of hosts. There’s something so pure about listening to someone talk so passionately about their hobby.

Not only does it make for entertaining viewing, but you also end up enjoying the different types of trains and planes that take us from A to B, as Twitter users quickly discovered.

If you want more Big Jet TV action, the full 7 hour, 54 minute live stream is available on their channel here. I don’t know about you guys, but my Sunday plans are sorted.

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