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UK’s most popular beaches to drive to this summer

With the increase in stays, travel to UK coastal destinations is becoming more popular than ever. But what are the best UK beach destinations to travel to right now?

A new study by the car rental company, Nationwide Vehicle Contracts, has revealed the best beaches in the UK to drive to for a getaway this summer.

Its evaluation is based on the following criteria: beach ratings based on visitors’ opinion, whether the beach accepts dogs, distance in kilometers to the nearest town, availability of nearby parking spaces and cost parking and, since it is a car leasing company, gasoline prices in the area.

Below are the top five beaches to drive in the UK.

# 1 Whitley Bay, North Tyneside

Whitley Bay in North Tyneside.

Of all the beaches analyzed, the study found Whitley Bay in North Tyneside to be the best beach to drive to in the UK, scoring 241 out of 300 on the index.

At a short distance of 0.3 miles from the town of Whitley Bay, there are numerous shops, bars and restaurants to enjoy while visiting the Golden Sands.

This beach is the perfect place to park as the area has 11 nearby car parks for as little as £ 3 a day.

Dogs are allowed on the sand north of the Panama Gardens while elsewhere on the beach there are restrictions from May to September.

The beach was also rated 3.9 out of 5 by visitors who often enjoy kayaking, canoeing, and surfing while visiting year-round.

# 2 St Andrews East, Fife

St Andrews Beach East in Fife. Caroline Trotter Photography.

St Andrews Beach East Scottish Beach in Fife is the second best beach in the UK to drive to, with an index of 239 out of 300.

Free beach parking, quick access to the town of St Andrews, and the lowest gas prices of any region make this the perfect location for a day trip by car.

With a rating of 4 out of 5, the beach is also one of the top-rated beaches in the country for those who wish to enjoy a range of activities, such as windsurfing, kayaking and fishing.

This beach is also dog-friendly, which means your pooch can enjoy the waves as well.

# 3 Black Rock, Cornwall

Black Rock Beach in Cornwall. Geographical Review.

The third best beach to drive to in the UK is Black Rock Beach in Cornwall.

Just 2 km from the town of Bude, the beach is dog friendly and offers a vast expanse of rock pools when the tide is low.

Parking costs up to £ 5 for a day with a choice of five car parks along the coastline.

Visitors often enjoy surfing in the blue waters.

# 4 The Bay, Kent

The bay in Kent.

The Bay in Kent is the fourth best beach to drive to in the UK, scoring 224 out of 300.

Just a mile from Margate town and with a choice of 10 car parks costing no more than £ 7.50 a day to park, The Bay is the perfect scenic location to get to by car.

Discover the entertainment or enjoy a donkey ride during your visit.


# 5 White Park Bay, County Antrim

White Park Bay, County Antrim.

White Park Bay in County Antrim is the fifth best beach to drive to in the UK.

With free parking and no dog restrictions, enjoy the expanse of white sand and wildflowers during the summer months.

White Park Bay scored an impressive 223 out of 300.

During your visit, explore the rock pools and try surfing in the blue water.

The complete index of the 50 best beaches to drive to can be found here.

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