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UK exporters, business leaders and trade professionals recognized in 2021 Anniversary Honors list

Today International Trade Secretary Liz Truss MP congratulates the UK exporters, business leaders and DIT staff who have been honored with honors for their outstanding and outstanding service to international trade, investment and export. The Anniversary Honors list also recognizes the work and dedication undertaken by those who worked during the pandemic to keep the country safe.

Those honored this time around represent a wide range of businesses, from the retail industry to the creative industry and government support for the procurement of medical equipment and the negotiation of trade agreements.

International Trade Secretary Liz Truss said:

I am delighted to congratulate our exporters on being recognized for their work as trade champions across the world in this list of anniversary honors.

I look forward to continuing to celebrate investors in the UK and those exporting overseas, by showcasing UK products around the world. It is a testament to the innovation and creativity of our UK businesses.

Exporters and business leaders on the 2021 Anniversary Honors list include:

  • Andrew Jennings; Global Retail Advisor. (OBE)
  • John Forkin; Managing Director – Marketing Derby. (MBE)
  • Priya Guha; Corporate Partner – Merian Ventures. (MBE)
  • Paul Grover; President – Liverpool China Partnership. (MBE)
  • Georgina Delaney; Founder – The Great Outdoor Gym Company. (MBE)
  • Steven Mifsud, Director – Direct Access Consultancy Limited. (MBE)

Department of International Trade (DIT) staff on the 2021 Anniversary Honors list include:

  • Graham Zébédée; Director of Continuity and Development Negotiations. (CMG)
  • Jackie Hart; HR Deputy Director HR Business Partners. (OBE)
  • Thomas Duke; HM Deputy Trade Commissioner, British Embassy in Beijing. (OBE)
  • Simon Room; Most recently Deputy Director, Transition Planning. (OBE)
  • Richard Cowin; Head of Health Care and Life Sciences, British Embassy in Beijing. (MBE)
  • Tiphaine Shah; Co-leader of the COVID-19 medical supplies team. (MBE)
  • Veronica Blackwood; Executive assistant and support for the administrative team. (BEM)

Recognized recipients

Exporters recognized in this list include Steven Mifsud. Being deeply deaf from birth, Steven has helped many organizations in the UK become more disability accessible by providing access audits and disability counseling. Steven helps service providers make big but inexpensive changes to improve accessibility. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he used his organization’s international contacts to source essential personal protective equipment (PPE) and deliver it to local authorities, nursing homes and charities for people with disabilities.

Steven Mifsud, Director of Direct Access Consultancy Limited, said:

It is an absolute honor to be recognized for exporting UK accessibility expertise. Other countries often look to the UK with interest to understand how people with disabilities can be involved and what are best practices in designing buildings for access.

Britain is really big and we have expertise that the world can benefit from. I was born with profound deafness so I have faced many obstacles throughout my life, this award means so much to be able to demonstrate that I can successfully export and be recognized.

Hope this MBE gives credit to the importance of international business. Many people with disabilities don’t get the opportunities they deserve, many give up at the first hurdles – hope this will not only encourage general companies to export, but also show people with disabilities that with hard work and following the right advice, the possibilities are there. Receiving this award from Her Majesty The Queen is truly the greatest honor of my life.

Priya Guha receives an MBE for her services to international business and women-led innovation. Priya is a former diplomat from a corporate partner at Merian Ventures, a venture capital firm that invests in women-led innovation. Priya is an activist working to close the gender pay gap by connecting her Silicon Valley and UK tech networks to the world. Through its leadership, Merian Ventures is one of the largest funds ($ 100 million) investing only in women, investing from the early stages, and now has a portfolio of companies spanning a wide range of emerging technologies. . Priya was named one of Britain’s 50 Most Influential Women in Tech 2019 and Asia’s Top 5 Investors in UK Tech 2019.

Priya Guha, Venture Partner – Merian Ventures, said:

I was so thrilled to learn that I had received an MBE for my work supporting international business and women in innovation. This unexpected recognition only strengthens my determination to do what I can to help grow the UK economy through global trade in a way that achieves the business and societal benefits of inclusive innovation.

Georgina Alice Delaney receives an MBE for her services to international trade. Georgina founded The Great Outdoor Gym Company Ltd (TGO) in 2007, after spending her career working in the sports industry. With a turnover of £ 2.4 million, 30% of which is exported, it has enabled TGO to become the world leader in outdoor sports halls, by installing more than 1,500 around the world in countries such as India, the United States, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, and throughout Europe. TGO has worked with some of the biggest names in the world; adidas, United Nations, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and COP22.

Georgina Alice Delaney, Founder of The Great Outdoor Gym Company, said:

It is an incredible honor and I am very proud to have received this recognition. I would like to thank the Department of International Trade. I am very committed to addressing health and environmental issues and I am fortunate to work with an enthusiastic team that shares these values. I hope to inspire others to create more sustainable businesses, creating a healthy future for all of us.

Andrew Jennings receives an OBE for international trade, fashion and retail services. Andrew is a highly respected UK retail executive, global ambassador. He has worked in the international retail industry for 50 years at numerous high-end department stores in many countries including Harrods, House of Fraser, Saks 5th Avenue, Karstadt and Holt Renfrew. He is passionate about promoting UK brands and products overseas, as well as promoting the export opportunities available to new UK designers and retailers overseas.

Andrew Jennings, Global Retail Advisor, said:

I am delighted and honored with this high level recognition after a successful and enjoyable global career in retail which has been the work of a lifetime of pride and passion. It is the “icing on the cake” and it is much appreciated.

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