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UK Covid Live: PM says he looks ‘fine’ for England to lift restrictions on July 19 – but NHS could face ‘harsh winter’ | Politics

Hello. Matt hancock, the Health Secretary, gave a lengthy BBC breakfast interview this morning and gave his most thoughtful response so far to last week’s revelation that Boris Johnson had called him of “totally desperate” in a text to Dominic Cummings in March last year. Hancock blamed it on the Prime Minister being stressed out at the time. When asked what it was like to be described as ‘hopeless’, Hancock replied:

Well, honestly, that sounds like ancient history. The vaccination program is a huge success. In times of stress, people say all kinds of things in private. What matters is the quality of your collaboration.

And you are referring to comments apparently from the Prime Minister. I work with the Prime Minister every day. We are working very hard together, on the one hand to protect life, and on the other hand to get the country out of this situation.

When the presenter, Dan Walker, said he was also once described as being “hopeless” in a job (not presenting, but making cardboard boxes, when he was young), and the revelation must have been embarrassing, Hancock answered :

No, it’s not really because of everything we’ve delivered together.

We are talking here about the success of the vaccination program. It is something that I have led a lot from within the department, in collaboration with the Prime Minister. He has been a big supporter from the start. And of course we had obstacles, and we had people that we had to deal with along the way.

But what I can tell you is that the delivery of this program has been absolutely fantastic, and if you look in other areas – whether it’s protecting the NHS at the top and dealing with this backlog now. , or work on social care – we work incredibly closely together.

Hancock also declined to say if he had spoken about the text since it was revealed last week.

I’ll be posting more of the interview soon.

Here is the program for the day.

12h: Downing Street is expected to hold its daily press conference.

12:30 p.m .: Eluned Morgan, Welsh Government Minister for Health, and Dr Chris Jones, Deputy Chief Medical Officer for Wales, hold a press conference.

2 p.m .: Dominic Cummings, former chief advisor to Boris Johnson, holds a question-and-answer session on his Substack subscribers.

Dominique cummings
(@ Dominique2306)

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June 18, 2021

2:30 p.m .: Sir Mark Worthington, Independent Building Commissioner for HS2, and Sir John Armitt, Chairman of the National Infrastructure Commission, testify before the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee on HS2.

After 3:30 p.m .: MPs will debate a Labor planning motion, saying the government should “protect the right of communities to oppose individual planning demands”.

Johnson is also visiting today, where he is expected to record a broadcast interview.

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