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What TV packages can I get from Sky?

Sky’s TV service ( is flexible and straightforward. It’s built around TV packs, which are collections of channels and on-demand content that you can choose from to create the specific package you want. Here is an overview of how it works.

Every Sky TV customer gets Sky Signature Pack as standard. This includes around 300 channels, including Sky One, Sky Atlantic, Sky Arts, Comedy Central, National Geographic, Fox, Discovery and more, as well as Sky Box Sets on demand and 40 catch-up channels.

Then you can create your package by adding as many of these other packs as you want. The full range of Packs includes:

Sky Boxes – Offers over 450 TV shows, which you can watch anytime.

Complete sets of Game of Thrones, Twin Peaks, Stan Lee’s Lucky Man, and Grey’s Anatomy are just a few examples of what is generally available.

And if you download the Sky Go app, you can watch the sets while you’re on the go.

Sky Cinema – Includes 11 dedicated movie channels, spanning all genres, from new blockbusters to arthouse hits and classic family movies. Sky presents a new premiere every day and also offers over a thousand on-demand movies to watch anytime.

Find out more about Sky Cinema

Air sports – it works a little differently from other packs. Eight Sky Sports channels are available – you can get one, two, or all of them as a complete package. The channels are:

  • Sky Sports Premier League – shows the best Premier League games, plus highlights, discussions, analysis and debate
  • Sky Sports Football – broadcasts live football every week including EFL, Carabao Cup, SPFL and La Liga
  • Sky Sports F1 – every training, race and qualifying session of the F1 season
  • Sky Sports Cricket – shows all England home tests, national matches and all ICC competitions
  • Sky Sports Golf – live coverage of Majors, as well as European and PGA tours
  • Sky Sports Action & Sky Sports Arena – these two channels are only available together and broadcast a wide range of programming including International and European Rugby Union, NFL, GAA and Darts
  • Sky Sports News – 24-hour news coverage, as well as game highlights from around the world of sports

Children of the sky – 11 channels dedicated to children, including Disney XD, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network, as well as more than 4,500 episodes on demand.

The Sky Kids app lets you watch a selection of content on the go (you can choose what they can see) and parental controls let you block access at bedtime.

Sky Ultimate on demand – Combines a Netflix subscription with Sky Signature, for which you will receive a reduced price

HD Sky Pack – If you want to watch Sky channels like Sky One and Sky Atlantic in high definition, you will need to add it to your package.

Sky Q Experience – Allows you to watch Sky channels in ultra high definition. Requires Sky Q 1TB or Sky Q 2TB box.

Sky Q Box

Sky Q

Named product of the year in the decoders category at the What Hi-Fi Awards 2019, the main characteristics of the Sky Q box are:

  • Option to pause, rewind or restart live TV
  • Storage capacity up to 500 hours of HD video
  • Series Link recording, so you can configure your Sky Q box to record a whole series
  • Voice-activated remote control that lets you search for shows using voice commands
  • Ability to pause TV in one room and continue in the next (requires Sky Q experience add-on)

Sky On Demand and Sky Go

Sky has an extensive library of on-demand content, which is broadcast over the Internet. This means that you will need to connect the Sky Q box – which comes with all TV packages – to your broadband to get it.

It doesn’t have to be Sky broadband, so if you’ve already signed up with another provider, you should always be good to go.

Sky On Demand gives you access to catch-up services such as BBC iPlayer and shows from Sky’s own entertainment and film channels.

What you can watch depends on which plan you sign up for – you’ll need Sky Cinema to watch movies, for example, or a Kids Pack to watch Disney Channel shows.

Signing up for Sky also gives you access to Sky Go, which lets you watch live TV, catch-up TV, and on-demand movies and shows on your PC, smartphone, tablet, game console and more, in accordance with your subscription.

Sky store

Sky store

If you want to watch the latest movie releases, you can buy or rent movies from the Sky Store and play them through your Sky Q box, computer or smartphone.

Movies are generally available for rental or purchase from the service at the same time as they appear on DVD and Blu-Ray. So if you want to watch a movie before it’s on TV, Sky Store is one of the easiest ways to do that.

If you only want to watch something once, you can usually rent it, with newer movies costing £ 4.49.

If you do buy, however, there’s an added bonus in the form of Buy & Keep – not only do you get a digital version to watch whenever you want, Sky sends you the DVD as well.

Not all movies have this option, but most new releases do, and it’s a great idea.

While you don’t need to be a Sky customer to use Sky Store – it’s open to anyone – the ability to watch through your set-top box is a real plus for Sky customers.

Existing Sky TV customer offers

Do you already own Sky TV and would like to try its broadband as well? The supplier regularly offers good deals to existing customers. Check out our guide to find out more:

Learn more about the offers of existing customers

What’s good about Sky TV?

  • Good variety of channels – entertainment, factual, kids, music, movies, sports and more
  • Only way to get Sky Atlantic, which initially airs many successful US shows, such as Game of Thrones
  • Sky Q box lets you pause and rewind live TV and record hours
  • Simple, fast interface and easy-to-use electronic program guide
  • Sky Q boxes add a lot of features including better search, customization options and smart show suggestions you might like
  • You can watch TV seamlessly throughout your home, pausing in one room and resuming in another, with Sky Q
  • Sky Cinema regularly presents the greatest films first on UK television
  • Sky Sports offers what is perhaps the largest collection of sports on television, including Premier League football, Aviva Premiership rugby, international cricket, golf, Formula 1 and more.
  • Lots of catch-up TV, on-demand packages, movies and more
  • Rent and buy movies on Sky Store through your set-top box
  • Sky Go lets you watch Sky anywhere on PC, smartphone, game consoles and more

What is wrong with Sky TV?

  • More expensive and less flexible than most pay TV options
  • The best on-demand content is locked in if you don’t have the right plan
  • Requires a satellite dish, which can be complicated to install
  • No longer has the rights to the Champions League or the Europa League. It is only available to watch on BT Sport

What else can I get from Sky?

In addition to satellite television, Sky offers broadband, home telephony and other services. Read all about it:

Frequently Asked Questions

What decoder do I get from Sky?

When you sign up for any Sky TV package you get a 1TB Sky Q set-top box. This is easy to use and comes with some great features including:

  • Pause and Rewind Live TV
  • Record up to 150 hours of HD TV – or approximately 300 hours in standard definition
  • Record three shows and watch a fourth live at the same time
  • Series recording, so you can automatically record each episode of a series
  • Access to remedial services and other applications if you have an Internet connection
  • Built-in Wi-Fi, so you can connect easily … and it can double as an access point to boost your home’s Wi-Fi signal

Sky also offers a Q 2TB box. It will give you double the storage space, and it is 4K Ultra-HD compatible.

If you want Sky in more than one room, you can also get Sky Q Mini boxes. These aren’t as feature rich as the main box, but it’s an affordable way to get Sky across the house.

And because it’s Sky Q, you can access all of your recorded shows and on demand. The box will even remember where you stopped looking last time.

Can I get Sky TV cheap?

Sky TV is one of the more expensive pay TV services. However, you can also reduce your expenses by signing up for Sky Broadband and Home Phone.

It is much cheaper than taking these services from a separate provider and signing up for Sky TV separately.

You may also want to check out TV Now Passes. These do not require a subscription and allow you to sign up for Sky Sports for a day, a week or a month without committing to a contract.

So, if you are in a position where you need to cut your monthly expenses, it’s easy to set aside.

Now TV also offers month-long passes that allow you to watch Sky Cinema channels, as well as entertainment passes that grant access to Sky Witness, Sky One, Sky Atlantic and more.

Do I need a landline or internet to get Sky TV?

Sky TV is a satellite television service. So you don’t need a landline or broadband connection to get it.

However, if you want to watch Sky TV on demand, you will need to be connected to the internet.

What Sky TV packages are available?

Sky TV packs include: Sky Cinema, Sky Kids, Sky BoxSets, Sky Ultimate On Demand and Sky Q Experience.

You can also subscribe to Sky Sports channels and get one, two or all of its channels in one package

Will Sky TV work without a satellite dish?

At the time of writing, Sky TV requires a satellite dish. Sky TV will be available without a satellite dish in the future, but Sky has yet to announce when the service will launch.

In the meantime, your best bet if you can’t install satellite on your property is to sign up for Now TV passes which allow you to watch Sky TV channels over the internet.

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