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Tell us about your cars and how the pandemic has changed your driving life

Photo credit: Roy Ritchie – Car and driver

The world has changed in many different and unexpected ways since the coronavirus pandemic struck in 2020. And there have been plenty of prognoses as to how all of this change will affect cars and driving.

People will certainly want to flee the cities, some reports claim, and they will have to buy cars. People will be working from home, others said, so they won’t need to drive as much, so they will buy fewer cars. At first, it seemed like the lack of commute time for many people was a major drag on the podcasting industry. But then came reports that podcast listeners were back.

Rather than listening to analysts and industry watchers, we go straight to the source to find out how the world has changed. We are investigating and would love to hear from you directly, the most passionate car folks we know. We want to know what you see and what you think. About your daily driver. About the next vehicle you could buy or lease. About the options offered by car manufacturers and how you use them.

It’s a super simple survey that should take about 10 minutes to complete. No questions required, but we would love to know as much about you and your thoughts as you are willing to share.

We will close the investigation in two weeks and publish the most interesting results in our September issue. If you would like to share your experience and perspective with us, click on the link below. And feel free to share it with your friends.

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