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Swan GP practice suggestions: answers to your questions

Swan practice in Buckingham

Why do you need new premises?

Our current premises are too small and not suited to the needs of modern general practice, especially with regard to legal requirements – for example, not all of them comply with the Disability Discrimination Act.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) said the facilities were good in its latest report on The Swan Practice. Why do you say they are not adequate?

This CQC report was done in 2015 and it only referred to the North End surgery. While North End does not have the same level of difficulty as Verney Close (in terms of accessibility, for example), it is no longer large enough for our patient population – especially as these numbers are expected to increase steadily. significant in the years to come. Masonic House also cannot be used for patients and is now too small for our growing administrative team.

Why are the sites not big enough?

Under NHS ownership guidelines for the provision of general practice services, our combined surgery space in Buckingham alone is expected to serve only around 15,000 patients. In fact, we are now serving over 25,000 patients and that number is increasing.

What growth are you expecting?

We audited the local housing plan in 2019. At that time, the projected population increase in the Buckingham area was an additional 7,000 over the next 3-5 years. This would bring our patient population to over 37,000. There are many new constructions approved, and so the number continues to grow.

Are you shutting down other law firms in town or Steeple Claydon?

We would need to move the majority of services to the planned new facility so that we can work more efficiently and make the most of the space. This means that we expect to close our surgeries at North End and Verney Close (as well as our administration building at Masonic House). We plan to keep Steeple Claydon open as usual.

Will a new health center be permanently built in Lace Hill?

Our proposal is only at this stage – a proposal – and nothing is final. We would need to fully accept funding for a new building before we can proceed, and this is still under discussion. In addition, we want to take into account the feedback from the public consultation to ensure that we can meet the needs of our patients and address any concerns that may be raised.

When would a new practice be built?

If an agreement can be found on financing the new construction, we hope that work will start in January 2022, which means that we hope to move in by January 2024 at the latest.

Will this affect the community hospital?

We want to integrate as many services as possible to make it a health and care center in Buckingham and it might be possible to bring some of the services provided from the hospital to the center and to the nearby nursing home. We work closely with Buckinghamshire Healthcare Trust and League of Friends Hospital. A business case has been created that describes a number of options for the hospital business in Buckingham. However, these are still under discussion and we will update in due course. We don’t expect this to affect the provision of beds at the community hospital.

Are you getting more doctors?

Our number of patients continues to grow, the doctor / patient ratio is constantly monitored and we recruit more general practitioners if necessary. For every new full-time GP we hire, we need about 2,300 patient growth. Therefore, we currently have enough general practitioners for our current population of 30,000 patients. Recruitment of general practitioners is becoming more and more difficult and this is recognized as a national problem, but we are expanding our clinical team in many other areas to provide care in a multi-professional way.

Could I see the same doctors / healthcare workers I’m used to?

Yes – we anticipate that our staff will all move to the new planned location and they will be available as usual and with more space we can expand our team to offer many more much needed services to our patients

Will patients have to travel further?

Many patients are already driving to the various sites in the city and Steeple Claydon. The planned new site at Lace Hill, near the Tesco department store, is less than a mile from existing medical offices. We think there isn’t a big difference in the distance to be traveled for patients who have access to a car, and it will actually be closer for many of our existing patients who live near the planned new site; however, we recognize that some patients may have difficulty accessing this location if they do not have transportation, or their village bus connections mean an extra bus.

What to do for patients who do not have access to a car or who have difficulty getting around?

Public transport is available to the new site – Red Rose Travel bus 60 runs between High Street and London Road. Throughout the pandemic, we have served patients through remote consultations (over the phone, for example) and home visits, and are working in this way more than ever. We intend to continue using this approach and are confident that regardless of their ability to travel, we will be able to meet the needs of all of our patients and see anyone who needs an appointment. face to face. The Swan practice has also recruited a number of Care Coordinator positions over the past few years and these staff members will play a key role in ensuring our patients receive the right care at the right time.

Will we be able to park on the planned new site?

There will be a lot more parking spaces – the current plan calls for more than 90 spaces. This is compared to 10 patient parking spaces in North End and 6 in Verney Close.

How much public money would it cost?

This development is funded by The Swan Partnership and private loans. There is also potential for capital grants from NHS England subject to plans meeting affordability criteria that will need to be approved by the CCG.

You can give your feedback in the following ways:

By email to: [email protected] (please include the word “Places” in your subject header).

By mail to: The Business Manager, The Swan Practice, Masonic House Surgery, 26 High Street, Buckingham, MK18 1NU

You can post comments in the mailboxes of any of his surgeries.

Some form of ‘walk-in’ sessions during the consultation should be arranged.

More information on the proposals, including FAQs and more details on the issues facing current surgeries in Buckingham, can be found at

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