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SüdLeasing and pro et con announce the success of a complex migration project from COBOL to Java

  • SüdLeasing uses agile methods to modernize an outdated legacy system for leasing contracts.
  • pro and con implement COBOL-Java migration using its sophisticated conversion tools. The success of the project confirms the viability of the tool-assisted migration approach.
  • A short project duration of 1.5 years enables SüdLeasing to perform efficient maintenance and further development with modern development environments and frameworks for the future.

CHEMNITZ and STUTTGART, Germany, August 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — pro and con GmbH, a technology leader in tool-based software migration, and SüdLeasing GmbH, one of the leading manufacturer-independent leasing companies in Germanyannounce the success of a complex and automated migration project from COBOL to Java for the modernization of the system at SüdLeasing.

Until now, leasing contracts were managed using a COBOL system, which SüdLeasing has maintained and developed independently for decades. It mapped all complex contract management processes and was characterized by high complexity. The quantitative framework included 1,400 COBOL programs with approximately 3.2 million lines of code. The system involved high license fees, rising maintenance costs, and a lack of modern development environments and frameworks. The goal of the project was to replace the COBOL programming language with Java and achieve a scalable system – while meeting all quality specifications in an agile project.

Since manual refactoring is unfeasible in such a complex system for the foreseeable future, software migration from pro and con was implemented using tools. Language migration is the hardest part of a migration project. It cannot succeed without sophisticated conversion tools based on compiler building techniques. The scientific approach guarantees semantic equivalence between original and converted programs. Expertise in building compilers was therefore an important prerequisite for the success of the project. Here, pro and con had many years of experience and expertise.

In order to achieve an agile project approach, all COBOL code has been split into packages. One package contained around 120-150 programs and was implemented in a four-week sprint. Fourteen migration packages have been created for all of the code. These were then converted in just under 12 months. The actual migration phase was followed by an intensive six month testing phase using automated testing with Cucumber and Gherkin.

As expected, the duration of the project was 1.5 years. The generated Java code is maintainable and efficient. This means that SüdLeasing can maintain and develop efficiently with modern development environments and frameworks while saving on license fees.

Sebastien SeekHead of Software Development at SüdLeasing GmbH: “Of course, we also feel the pressure in the area of ​​digitalization in our industry. In order to be able to continue to offer our innovative solutions on the market in the future, it was very important for us to modernize our central leasing system. At first, we were skeptical about the COBOL-Java migration supported by the tool, as we had heard of failed projects, however, we found the right partner in the pro and con team. concept, it was possible to prove that the complex arithmetic operations of financial mathematics were correctly performed and that the execution time of mass processing programs also met our expectations.This very positive impression was confirmed over time. as the project progresses.

Teacher. Dr. Uwe KaiserManaging Director of pro et con GmbH, comments: “I am proud that pro and con GmbH was once again able to show the potential of our tool-assisted migration approach in this project. Our COBOL to Java converter (CoJaC) is a mature tool for this purpose. Such a project is always a joint project between equal partners. Especially in the testing phase, which is very important, SüdLeasing GmbH contributed significantly to the success of the project with its agile approach and the consistent use of automatic tests. I would like to thank Mr. Seek and the entire SüdLeasing team for the trust they have placed in us. I am sure that with our scientific approach to migration, we can help other companies to successfully implement their digitalization strategies. .”

About pro and con GmbH

pro et con (derived from “program and conversion”) is the technology leader in software migration and has over 25 years of experience, the know-how and a comprehensive toolkit to migrate complex legacy systems to legacy architectures. modern computers. The tools support all components of a software migration (programming language conversion, GUI modernization, and data migration). This allows us to react flexibly and economically to customer requirements. The consistent application of scientific compiler construction methods in tool development results in a high degree of automation with reduced project time and reduced costs. This is confirmed by numerous reference customers such as Amadeus Germany GmbH, the ITZBund and MAN Truck & Bus SE. When modernizing legacy systems, software migration is a real alternative to new development and replacement with standard software.

About SüdLeasing GmbH

SüdLeasing GmbH is one of the largest manufacturer-independent leasing companies in Germany with more than 50 years of experience, qualified experts and an extensive portfolio of innovative services as well as the stability and quality of the LBBW group. SüdLeasing GmbH is an experienced and competent partner for all aspects of investment financing with a leasing portfolio of 3.6 billion euros. Four hundred employees work at 21 sites across Germany. The company is one of the top three leasing companies in Germany.

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