Sons Of Liberty Gun Works M76 Rail & 0% Funding For The Cops | TIR 2019

Sons of Liberty Gun Works announced an all-new corner-locking M-LOK rail at this SHOT show. While new quality parts are always exciting, we were very interested in SOLGW’s announcement of 0% funding for officers as long as SOLGW rifles are on the approved rifle list.

Before getting into the new stuff, feast your eyes on this pretty paint job!

SOLGW has a long history of ensuring that professional users have the best possible equipment when working. They are so passionate about it that at the beginning of their existence, SOLGW offered a service which allowed officers to send in their guns so they could be inspected and any potential issues addressed.

The goal of the new 0% funding program is to offer cash-strapped agents an option of a quality service rifle they can afford. The program has very few requirements, the most important being that the agency employed by the agent puts SOLGW rifles on their approved list. If an officer chooses the funding option, SOLGW says they will build and ship the rifle immediately so the officer does not have to do without rescue equipment.

Here are some of the highlights of the 0% program. their website:

1. Exceptional discounts on the initial purchase of rifles, optics and complete sets.

2. Option for 4 months, 0% financing, no credit check for agents.

3. The ability for large departments to tailor the program through customized approved packages for their agents.

4. The ease for officers who are not passionate about firearms to find a complete set at their price point, ready to use with rifle, optics, slingshot and light.

5. Opens up possibilities for long-term testing of our products for agency-wide deployment.

6. Private security companies that issue rifles as part of their duties are also eligible for Duty Approved.

7. All rifles purchased through Duty Approved fall under our Duty Use Replacement Program.

Currently, agencies in Bexar and surrounding counties fall under another existing program and will be approved or added to this program.

SOLGW has also launched its new M76 wedge-locking handguard in 8-inch, 9.5-inch, 10.5-inch, 13-inch, 15-inch and 16.75-inch lengths.


The M76 is M-LOK compatible and has mounting slots at the 3, 6 and 9 o’clock positions.


SOLGW includes one of their well-made QD attachment points made from 4140 steel. Since the M76 does not have a built-in QD point, SOLGW felt that it was best to allow the end user to place the sling point where it wants.


The barrel nut is also made of 4140 steel.


The proven Wedge Lock system is used to hold the handguard to the rifle.


The SOLGW M76 handguard starts at $ 259 for the 8-inch version and goes up to $ 289 for the 16.75-inch handguard. Learn more about the SLGW website.

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