Should I turn off the boiler and water heater in summer?

Turning off the heat in the summer is usual for most people, but what about turning off your boiler completely?

Depending on your home and lifestyle, you may be able to reduce your energy bills by turning off your boiler and relying on other sources for your hot water.

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Read on to find out if turning off your boiler for the summer is a good idea.

Is turning off the boiler the right choice?

If you have an old boiler – especially one with a continuously lit pilot – it may be helpful to turn the boiler off during the months when it is not being used to heat the house.

Even if you have a more modern boiler, you may want to turn it off if the water tank is not modern covered with styrofoam.

If you have an electric shower – and don’t take a bath in the summer – and a dishwasher, only the water used in the kitchen sink and the bathroom sink will need to be heated.

Old hot-fill washing machines and dishwashers – where the machine uses water heated by your boiler – are still able to heat cold water to the proper temperature for internal use, and modern machines that are only cold filled will not need external hot water.

However, it is always best to run your central heating and hot water occasionally during the summer. If you don’t, the pump and bypass valve that circulate fluid around the radiators and to the hot water tank can seize up. If that happens, they might fail when you finally turn the heat back on in the fall.

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