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Safety first Starmer must take more risks if he is to stop the spread of conservative blue

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Letters: Hartlepool saw Labor for what it is now: a party of the liberal elite

SIR – There is an irony that Labor is losing its basic ‘working class’ vote in the Hartlepool by-elections. The party was created to defend workers’ rights against the elite of the ruling class, but has evolved into the party of and for this class, now made up (among others) of metropolitan college graduates, the judiciary, educational establishments, the public service. and the BBC. Dr David Slawson Nairn SIR – Isn’t it time for Labor to realize that the term ‘working class’ is no longer relevant? Until Sir Keir Starmer and his party realize that the country is no longer divided between cloth caps and bowler hats, they will not be able to convince voters of their usefulness. Tom Whitmore Southwell, Nottinghamshire SIR – Sir Keir Starmer stood side by side with Jeremy Corbyn, seeking to make him Prime Minister with full knowledge of his economic illiteracy, contempt for patriotism and support for anti-Semitic factions. He voted to stay in the EU – and, if things went as planned, we would be part of his vaccination schedule. What a judgment. The British people have no difficulty seeing him for what he is: a master of hindsight and opportunism. David Crigman QC Birmingham

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