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Rivian updates website with new information ahead of start of deliveries

With Rivian R1T truck deliveries starting in just over a month, the automaker has updated its Experience website which is supposed to answer many important questions that reservation holders and potential buyers alike might have. The website covers the purchasing process, billing, service and insurance. Below is a brief overview of the information listed on the website.

Rivian will sell its EVs directly to customers, no dealer is involved (thankfully). The whole buying process can be done on your phone or computer. This includes obtaining financing (may be guaranteed by Rivian), obtaining insurance, managing your trade-in, completing your title and registration, and scheduling your delivery. Rivian will deliver the vehicle directly to your home and customers can return their Rivian within 7 days or 1000 miles if they are not satisfied. A Rivian guide will help customers during and after the buying process.

Rivian plans to build 600 charging station sites with 3,500 DC fast chargers in the United States and Canada by the end of 2023 (powered by renewables). Initially, charging rates will be above 200 kW (about 140 miles in 20 minutes) and above 300 kW in the future. There will also be 10,000 Waypoint Level 2 (11.5 kW) chargers in popular public places. In addition, the 11.5 kW-Rivian wall charger can be purchased for home charging. Rivian electric vehicles will be CCS compatible, allowing owners to use non-Rivian public charging stations.

Rivian will offer a remote diagnostic platform that can identify and fix certain issues without taking the EV anywhere. If the problem cannot be resolved remotely, a fleet of mobile service technicians and a network of service centers nationwide can help. Rivian will also offer a vehicle loan program. In addition, Rivian offers an impressive vehicle warranty, click here for coverage details.

You can purchase insurance for your Rivian through Rivian. It is currently available in 40 states with nationwide expansion plans. The good thing is that the insurance also covers your Rivian accessories and covers the electric off-road vehicle. On top of that, you can bundle your insurance plan to cover your home, boat, RV, and other vehicles with Rivian Insurance. Customers can get an insurance quote within minutes during the ordering process.

See the Rivian’s Experience website here for more details and for frequently asked questions.

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