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Remains found in the car of an American student who disappeared 45 years ago | US News

Investigators are hoping the discovery of a 1974 Pinto could finally solve the disappearance of a college student 45 years ago.

The vehicle was pulled from a cove near Cusseta, Ala. On Tuesday after a member of the public spotted it and called police.

Inside the car, investigators found what they believe were human bones, along with ID and credit cards belonging to Kyle Wade Clinkscales.

The car belonged to Mr Clinkscales, although the bones have not yet been confirmed as his remains.

The 22-year-old went missing on January 27, 1976, after leaving LaGrange, Georgia, to return to Auburn University in Alabama.

Kyle Clinkscales went missing in 1976. Photo: Troup County Sheriff

Sheriff James Woodruff of Troup County, Ga. Said, “For 45 years we have searched for this young man and this car.

“We’ve dried up lakes, and we’ve looked here and there and analyzed this theory and this theory and, it still hasn’t worked out.”

In 2005 .

Both were charged with making false statements and, while one was not prosecuted, the other pleaded guilty to two counts and spent seven years and eight months behind bars.

Mr Woodruff said it was still unclear how Mr Clinkscales died, adding: “Was he murdered and left there? Did he get off the road and wreck there? It’s something we hope to find out, but it’s been 45 years. “

Mr Clinkscales’ father passed away in 2007 and his mother passed away this year.

He was an only child.

Mr Woodruff said: “It has always been (his mother’s) hope that he comes home.

“We always hoped to find him for her before he passed away.

“The mere fact that we have hopefully found it and the car brings me a big sigh of relief.”