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Rare Barn Find Of A John Player Special 1973 Lotus Elan + 2S 130/5 for sale

According to the parking ticket left under the wiper, the coupe has been in storage for 20 years.

Whole corners of the internet have become devoted to the phenomenon of barn discovery. And no one can fault dreamy car enthusiasts with the hope that they will someday discover the car of their dreams, which will arguably be worth millions after just a brief restoration. Unfortunately, as we all know from reality, most barn finds end up in scrapyard because real restorations almost always cost more while requiring more blood, sweat and tears than initially imagined. . But the dream persists, which could help this 1973 Lotus Elan with extremely rare specs to reach quite high bids when auctioned courtesy of H and H Auctioneers UK at the Imperial War Museum Duxford on May 26th. 2021.

Special John Player exterior

Lotus Elan Barn Find 2

via H and H Auctioneers UK

The exterior looks rough, in the quintessential barn form, though the black and gold paint job is reminiscent of the John Player Special era of Formula 1, when the tobacco company’s iconic livery graced the bodies of the bigger cars. sports cars in the world. In a photo included on the listing, a parking ticket placed under the wiper at 10:06 a.m. on September 5, 2001, marks the start of 20 years of storage – presumably the owner did not want to pay that fine.

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The large-valve engine and five-speed transmission

Lotus Elan Barn Find 3

via H and H Auctioneers UK

However, the car’s paint isn’t the only rarity that lends potential value to this Elan. In addition to the +2 designation which allows for two extra (very small) passengers, this Elan also left the factory with last year’s Big Valve engine that produced a claimed 126 horsepower in a car weighing less than 2,000. books. Add in the five-speed gearbox for better highway cruising, and the Elan + 2S 130/5 would have been capable of a time of 7.9 seconds 0-60 and a top speed of 120 miles per hour when it was nine.

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Some work required for the winning bidder

Lotus Elan Barn Find 4

via H and H Auctioneers UK

H and H claim this Elan is one of 115 examples produced to celebrate Lotus’ 50th Grand Prix, with the double-cam inline-four still retaining Weber carbs. The ‘oatmeal’ interior is complemented by burl walnut trim, power windows, quartz halogen fog lights and even an FM radio. A little corrosion and rust immediately shows up under the layers of sand and dirt, but I hope the happy new owner of this barn find can get the car back to running condition without investing too much time and money. .

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