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Princess Anne: the princess “does not get the credit she deserves” with a “glamorous” fashion

Now 71, Princess Anne is known as one of the hardest working members of the royal family, and her fashion has certainly changed as she has grown older. As the Queen’s only daughter with three brothers, Anne was the only young woman in the royal family in her youth before her brothers married their respective wives. Therefore, there was a lot of attention and attention to her outfits during royal engagements.

The Princess Royal is one of the most frugal and frugal royals, and her fashion these days certainly reflects that.

Daena Borrowman, Marketing Manager at Jewelerybox, spoke exclusively with on the evolution of Princess Anne’s fashion.

Daena said: “From the moment she started her first royal engagements, Princess Anne has presented what she proudly describes as a rather atypical image of a princess.

“While the Princess Royal can mesmerize anyone when she dons glamorous dresses and tiaras, she is mostly herself in jeans, rubber boots and Barbour.

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“She is known to be the hardest working royal and her outfits completely reflect that.

“Far from the frills and pretentious frills of the typical royal wardrobe, Princess Anne has her own sense of style that marries the classic, the timeless and the retro with horseback riding and athleticism.

“In the ’60s, teenage Princess Anne was the ultimate chic girl, wearing short skirts, polo collars, bold jumpers and tweed ensembles.

“In the 1970s and 1980s, she switched to psychedelic prints, flowers, chiffon dresses, voluminous ruffles and sleeves, large collars and pantsuits.


“On her first marriage in 1973, she broke with the typical royal wedding dress, instead wearing a unique Tudor-inspired wedding dress with trumpet sleeves.

“In the 1990s, Princess Anne adopted solid colors, two pieces and oversized coats.

“Throughout her life, Princess Anne was rarely seen without a scarf, sometimes wearing them as scarves but mainly as scarves on almost every public occasion she attended.

“Faithful to the royal form, the Princess Royal loves hats but has made hat fashion her own by wearing hats that are less feminine and less conventional than her mother and grandmother, favoring wide-brimmed hats, baker’s hats. , floppy hats and jockeys. caps.

“From her teenage years, Princess Anne shared her mother, the Queen, the fashion philosophy that a royal must be seen to be believed – she embraces vibrant, eye-catching colors to make her stand out in a crowd.

While she inherited the Queen’s love for brooches, she built her own collection of original brooches, including her dainty gold horse brooch which she has owned since the 1980s.

“Although all members of the British Royal Family have a soft spot for pearls, Princess Anne stood out with her pearl necklaces.

“The Princess isn’t getting the credit she deserves for being the Royal Family’s first wardrobe recycler, long before the Duchess of Cambridge took the stage.

“She re-wore coats and dresses in her 60s and now in her 60s, with the same grace and ease that she first wore the same outfits in her 20s.

“It’s safe to say that Princess Anne makes her outfits work as hard as she does, as she is known to repeat entire outfits in exactly the same way they were styled when she first wore them. times, decades ago, with the rare swap of a hat or the addition of new accessories.

“Although she is renowned for making fashion statements in her youth, she recently made headlines for her Adidas Balenciaga-esque visor sunglasses paired with her idiosyncratic puff hairstyle.

“Being a longtime sportswoman, functionality has been evident in her style through the ages and now, even at 70, she has remained true to herself.

“She is the most underrated dress icon in the British royal family.”

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