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Polestar signs three-year Leaselink agreement with Ebbon-Dacs

Polestar has signed a three-year agreement with Ebbon-Dacs to deploy its Leaselink electronic procurement platform to process new car orders in two markets.

The deal will see a UK launch with a large international leasing company, which is now up and running, with a similar pilot program running in the Netherlands. The solution will then be deployed to rental companies that use the Leaselink platform in both countries.

As part of this agreement, rental companies will use a new order entry / ordering module in Leaselink to send orders directly to Polestar for fulfillment.

Polestar, which was founded by Volvo Cars and Geely Holding in 2017, currently offers a two-car model range, the performance electric hybrid, Polestar 1, and the high-performance all-electric fastback, Polestar 2.

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The focus of the new fleet initiative in the UK and the Netherlands will be Polestar 2, which launched in autumn 2020 and produces 408bhp and 660nm with a maximum all-electric range of 292 miles (WLTP) .

Kay Saunders, Fleet Operations Manager, Project Manager for Polestar, said using Leaselink was key to fulfilling orders from fleet customers in the UK and the Netherlands.

“To make our customer journey as easy and straightforward as possible, we needed two things: simplicity and automation. Leaselink offers both and will make a real difference to our business.

“After the UK launch, we intend to roll it out to all other major leasing companies that use Leaselink. In the Netherlands we will use a similar approach,” Saunders said.

Saunders said that since the coronavirus pandemic, interest in electric cars has accelerated.

“While there has been a slowdown in retail orders due to various lockouts, the fleet has been different as it has given companies time to re-evaluate their fleet policies and introduce a wider range of electric vehicles. from which drivers can choose.

“The timing for this new partnership with Ebbon-Dacs and Leaselink is therefore ideal for us,” she said.

Ebbon-Dacs Commercial Director Justine Hawkins said the partnership with Polestar has “revolutionized” the way Leaselink can be used by manufacturers or retailers.

“The order entry / order module processes manufacturer or retailer order data to update key vehicle data, delivery dates and status directly in the rental company back office.” , explained Hawkins.

“This provides our leasing community with accurate, real-time updates and information that eliminate errors and improve order communication for end customers.

“We are delighted to be working with Polestar to launch this innovative new module.”

Earlier this year, Ebbon-Dacs made the switch to artificial intelligence (AI) with a new partnership with Zegami and the creation of a new business entity, Ebbon Intelligence.

License Check and the Ebbon Intelligence business entity are part of the international Ebbon group.

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