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PIP will be removed for some claimants next year and replaced with a new disability payment

Adult Disability Payment (ADP) is a new benefit that must be paid by Social security Scotland next year, which will replace the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) for new and existing Scottish applicants.

The benefit will provide additional financial support to people of working age across Scotland with a disability, long-term illness or mental health problem. It will initially be tested from spring 2022 before becoming available to all Scottish applicants in the summer of the same year.

Scottish claimants who are currently receiving UK Government disability benefits, issued by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), will be transferred to the new decentralized system in stages following the introduction of the new benefits. The full profit shift from DWP is expected to be completed by 2025.

Social Security Scotland will offer three new forms of assistance to people with disabilities

  • Child disability payment replaced Disability Living Allowance (DLA) on November 22, 2021

  • Adult disability payment will replace the PIP and should be fully deployed by summer 2022

  • Disability payment at retirement age will replace the assistance allowance and a deployment date has yet to be confirmed

The Scottish Government assumed responsibility for these benefits alongside Severe Disability Allowance and Work Injury Disability Allowance in April 2020.

However, due to the impact on the Scottish government, Scottish Social Security and public services in the management of Scotland during the Covid-19 pandemic, it was decided to delay the launch of personal assistance with disabilities.

For now, the PIP and Assistance Allowance will continue to be provided by the DWP. Any new child DLA claim should be directed to Scottish Social Security for the new Child Disability payment – to find out more click here.

The switch to PIP will only affect Scottish applicants.

Below is our Quick Guide to Adult Disability Payment and includes everything you need to know about eligibility, payment rates, assessments, and making a claim.

Who will be eligible to apply for Adult Disability Award?

The eligibility criteria are similar to those of the PIP.

This service is intended for people who meet the following criteria:

  • You are between 16 and retirement age (now 66 for men and women)

  • You have difficulty living on a daily basis or moving outside your home (or both)

  • You have had physical or mental difficulties for at least 3 months and you expect them to continue for at least 9 months

If a person is terminally ill, these qualifying periods do not apply.

How are complaints assessed?

Social Security Scotland will make decisions on entitlement to ADP using the applicant’s account of their circumstances and existing supporting information, to the extent possible.

The number of face-to-face reviews will be drastically reduced and will only be necessary when it is the only practical way to make a decision.

Most consultations will be done over the phone, but can be face-to-face in a GP’s office or even at home – whichever is best for the person making the request.

And applicants will no longer be asked to complete tasks to demonstrate how their disability, long-term illness or mental health issue affects them as part of the application process.

Research into what people thought of the current DWP assessment consultation was carried out before the new system was designed by Social Security Scotland.

People who have undergone assessments for the DLA and PIP told Social Security Experience Panels in Scotland that this was “the most stressful part of the whole process”.

However, a DWP spokesperson recently commented: “Our latest survey shows that 82% of PIP applicants are satisfied with the overall service they receive from us and we continue to work closely with stakeholder groups. and review providers to continually improve the overall experience. “

Examples of supporting information

This will be used to help make a decision regarding your complaint and will include:

Help Claim DWP’s PIP

Payment rate for adult disability payment

Scottish Social Security will provide the same rate for all forms of disability assistance as the current UK Equivalent Disability Benefit (PIP) rate and will increase each year according to inflation.

Based on the 2021/2022 rates, the weekly adult disability benefit amounts are:

Daily life

  • Standard rate: £ 60.00

  • Improved rate : £ 89.60


  • Standard rate : £ 23.70

  • Improved rate : £ 62.55

How often will my reward be reviewed?

Unlike DWP payment awards which are reviewed regularly over a fixed period of time, the ADP will be continuous with no set end date.

Reviews will be “light” and as non-intrusive as possible.

Will I still be able to exchange all or part of my mobility allowance for the Motability Scheme?

People who obtain the highest rate from the mobility component of the ADP will be able to transfer all or part of the money they receive for the mobility component in order to access the Accessible vehicle and equipment program .

This new Scottish program will provide a service similar to the current Motability program, with a range of cars, wheelchair accessible vehicles, scooters and power wheelchairs on affordable rental terms, with a range of adaptations at little or no cost. of charges.

Customers with an existing Motability lease will be able to keep their vehicle until the end of that lease.

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When can I apply for an adult disability premium?

New applications will initially be accepted into the pilot program from spring 2022.

Anyone who needs to apply for additional financial assistance due to a disability, long-term illness or mental health issue should apply for the PIP from the DWP.

We have a section dedicated to everything related to PIP to help applicants understand the benefits with guides on how to apply and complete the application form – browse the topics here.

Find out more about all new disability supports provided by the Scottish Social Security website here.

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