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A new NFT project that combines DeFi and eCommerce emerges

The NFT sector of the crypto industry exploded in 2021, much like DeFi’s surge last year. As the industry continues to grow and develop, attracting countless celebrities to join in and spread the word, many still wonder whether or not NFT is a passing trend or more. Some even wonder if they are contributing to digital art theft or not. But, just like with DeFi, deepening the NFT sector opens up many new options, possibilities and opportunities, which a new project called NFTmall is particularly interested in exploring further. What is NFTmall? NFTmall is the premier creator-centric NFT marketplace powered by DeFi and e-commerce and physically tradable. As mentioned, the NFT sector attracts many celebrities, and it is no accident. Since NFTs are essentially symbolized real-world assets, they present a perfect opportunity for artists, photographers and creators of other types of content and artwork to offer their creations to a greater number of users, reduce barriers to entry and simply gain more visibility. to show their creativity. NFTmall is the answer to their problems by providing all of the above, in a universal, creator-centric yet decentralized NFT marketplace powered by DeFi and e-commerce, multichannel and standard, physically redeemable. Basically, the vision of the project is to level the playing field and bridge the gap between digital and traditional artists through a single, universal platform. Eventually, once it reaches the desired size, the platform will also start offering NFT auctions. Benefits of using NFTmall For now, however, the project is still in development and is currently under development in the BSC (beta) test network, with plans to launch its mainnet soon in early June, according to the current forecasts of its developers. But the benefits of the platform are much bigger and a bigger topic. The platform realized the limits of existing markets both centralized and decentralized and improved the profitability of artists presenting their work. Previously, artists had to create a physical copy of their work, get it accepted by a gallery, promote the exhibition, and then find people interested in buying their art. This is a very long and expensive journey, which NFTmall dramatically shortens and makes it much more profitable by deploying it in the BSC network and introducing zero platform fees and thus becoming the most profitable platform. for Mint an NFT. Thanks to NFTmall, any work of art can be minted as NFT now at a cost of less than a dollar! All the artists would have to do is symbolize their work and offer it for sale on the platform. That’s it. In doing so, he can easily bring NFTs to the general public, allow people to buy only a portion of the tokens allocated to an individual work of art, and in so doing, become partial owners of it. The NFTmall platform has also given back the power to creators / artists that they deem well deserved and should be by giving them the option to set the percentage of royalties and affiliate commissions, at the time the royalty percentage of existing markets is chosen by a third party. This is a great opportunity for new artists to gain exposure and appreciation for their art, as well as for art lovers, who are not only limited in their ability to support favorite artists solely through purchases of art, but also as an affiliate and share and market the artwork and be rewarded with the commission established by the artists / creators at the same time. The benefits of the NFTmall platform are not only limited so far, but the platform also offers the materialization of these NFTs and the NFTs can be exchanged for various physical objects like web, clothes, cards to collect, etc. and will be verifiable and authenticated via the blockchain! Apart from that, the project has also come up with a unique and revolutionary feature called NFTmall 3D, which is a virtual marketplace inspired by Decentraland. The market will offer various types of dedicated 3D visual stores, such as art, collectible card NFTs, game items, rare NFTs, audio NFTs, physical NFTs, 3D NFTs, etc. What’s next for NFTmall? Going forward, the platform will also offer loans, borrowings and even fractional ownership of NFT, an NFTmall payment gateway for unencrypted users, a $ GEM token ramp, and more, which are all new. functionalities of the NFT sector. The project recently hosted a private round A GEM token sale, which sold out in less than 2 minutes on April 18. It was even more successful than the original round table, which sold out in 20 minutes, priced at $ 0.4 per token. Private Round A even had a higher price tag, selling for $ 0.55, with a cap almost 3 times as high, at $ 220,000. There is a lot in store for this revolutionary project, and with the NFT sector still booming, the project has chosen the perfect time to emerge and have the greatest impact on the artistic community around the world. Learn more about BenzingaClick here for options trading from BenzingaBig Three crypto exchanges handle 77% of global trading volume, according to new study from BDC ConsultingOverview of seven Forex brokers in the United States © 2021 Benzinga does not provide investment advice. All rights reserved.

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