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Part 2: How Madeleine McCann’s search got out of hand

“They suggest Kate accidentally killed Madeleine somehow, then kept her body, then got rid of it,” Philomene McCann, Gerry’s sister, told Sky News in response to the announcement. “I have never heard anything so utterly ridiculous in my life.” The couple’s spokesperson Justine mcguinness called the cops’ allegation that Madeleine’s blood was found in the trunk of the rental car “ridiculous”. And the very idea that Kate was somehow involved in her daughter’s death was “clearly ridiculous,” she said.

As she recalled in her book, Kate was given a two-year prison sentence if she confessed that she had hidden or disposed of her daughter’s body, much better than being charged with manslaughter, the police told him.

“Most people find it difficult to understand how innocent people can confess to crimes they did not commit,” Kate wrote. “Gerry and I don’t. Not now.

But they were informed the next day that they were free to leave the country and they decided to do so immediately.

On September 9, four months after landing in Praia da Luz for a spring break with a family of five, the McCanns returned to England with their twins. Despite what the Portuguese police (who would officially exonerate them as suspects the following July), the tabloids and all their critics were saying, they maintained their hope that Madeleine was alive.

Or at the very least that they would have get answers.

The third and final installment in this series will be released on June 19.

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