Parents think the internet has made the world more dangerous for children

A new study from online security company Norton shows that 61% of adults believe the internet has made the world more dangerous for younger generations than when they were children. In addition, the vast majority (95%) are worried about children under the age of 18 who use the Internet.

Almost three-quarters of those polled said new technologies have helped families connect better, but parents continue to fear their children may be at risk when they are online. Communication with potentially dangerous strangers and cyberbullying are among the biggest concerns.

Almost half of parents (46%) admit to being worried about their child’s online activities, with 29% saying parental controls would not alleviate these concerns as their child would likely find a way around them. Meanwhile, 61% of those polled in 2002 said those aged 11 to 16 were the most vulnerable online.

Despite these concerns, more than half of parents believe their children would be smart enough to avoid the many dangers online without additional checks and filters.

Norton Managing Director Nick Shaw said, “Educating children about how they can stay safe online plays an important role in making sure they have a positive internet experience. Staying safe online requires not only the right technology, but the right conversations as well.

“It is important to create a dialogue with children and to treat their online activities the same as any other activity – by being interested in them and being a good role model.”

Source: Digital spy

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