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Panorama – UK pipeline for renewable energy and storage projects increases to 86 GW

Research also shows that 40.6 GW of sites are classified with a “scoping” development status. This is where sites have not yet submitted a planning request, but have a grid connection option confirmed by National Grid’s Transmission Entry Capacity (TEC) register. These scoping sites were added to the Cornwall Insight analysis to account for the significant increase in activity observed for start-up projects, particularly offshore wind sites.

According to Renewables Pipeline Tracker, an additional 13.5 GW of pipeline capacity is currently classified as “request submitted” and pending planning approval; the capacity classified as “pending construction” amounts to 24.5 GW. The capacity classified as “under construction” stands at 7.8 GW.

“We are currently seeing increased activity in sites classified as ‘scoping’, with recent developments in offshore rental towers undertaken by Crown Estate and Crown Estate Scotland,” said Lucy Dolton, analyst at Cornwall Insight. “As such, Cornwall Insight’s Renewables Pipeline Tracker now takes these sites into account in its analysis, which helps us assess potential trends in Scotwind’s next lease cycle and future contract-for-difference allocation cycles ( CfD). While the auction parameters have yet to be announced, the fourth allocation round (AR4) of the CfD scheme is firmly on the horizon in 2021. With AR4 ready to offer the first pot 1 auction since 2015, It is also not surprising to see an increase in the number of onshore wind and solar PV sites entering the development pipeline for the purpose of accessing CfD.

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