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Octopus Energy launches “EV Concierge” service in Texas

In an effort to help newcomers to electric vehicles make a faster and more efficient transition, Octopus Energy has begun offering an “EV Concierge” service to help customers purchase and integrate an EV into their lives.

Octopus Energy, a UK-based electric utility company that recently crossed the pond to bring “100% carbon-free energy” to Texans, now offers a program in the Lone Star State that has been a mainstay of their UK branch for a long time. time – the EV Concierge. This service searches for and supports users in the process of renting a new or used electric vehicle.

In a comment to Teslarati, director of Octopus Electric Vehicles, Chris George, explained the specifics of the program. “OOur Concierge scours the market for the right vehicle and helps aspiring EV drivers through the vehicle search and rental process, including the selection and delivery of a new or used EV for their choice,” George said.

George further explained that while the US website currently only lists four electric cars, the concierge will seek out any vehicle that best meets the customer’s needs and financial requirements. From the answers given by the director, Octopus does not seem to have any connection with dealers or manufacturers, at least for the moment.

From there, the process becomes very different from other leasing programs; “EV Concierge is the first ever integrated demand response electric vehicle rental plan offered by an energy retailer.“This means that the rental is done through Octopus, rather than through a dealership or other seller, but renting the vehicle is only the first part of the program.

Not only does Octopus assist with the purchase of home chargers and help integrate them into a customer’s home power supply, but the car can also be part of their “Intelligent Octopus” program. This program allows customerscharge their electric vehicle when electricity is the cheapest and the greenest.

George says that by using both programs, customers can expect to save money, but we’ll have to see the results of the program as it rolls out in Texas in beta form.

A part of the program that is listed on the European site which is not yet available on the US site is called “Salary Sacrifice”. In Salary Sacrifice, the company takes a portion of users’ gross income, but in return, Octopus provides customers with a new electric vehicle, home charger, any necessary maintenance, insurance, and even tires. It’s unclear if such a program would come to the United States, or if American customers would be interested.

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Octopus Energy launches “EV Concierge” service in Texas