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Ocean Winds strengthens the British team

Ocean Winds (OW) is launching a new round of employment opportunities to support existing and new offshore wind projects in the UK.

Recruitment for the Operation and Maintenance (O&M) phase of Moray East The offshore wind farm is expanding for more than 20 new positions, including apprenticeships. These positions will be in addition to the approximately 60 positions that the wind turbine supplier has indicated would be required to maintain the turbines.

Construction crews will hand over to the O&M team in 2022, but recruiting is now required to build and train the team so that there is full capacity to handover. The existing Marine Coordination team at Fraserburgh will be part of the larger O&M team as the construction of a new facility at the port allows all Fraserburgh-based personnel to work from the same purpose-built facility.

In addition to the growth in Fraserburgh, OW is increasing its recruitments at the UK headquarters in Edinburgh. The office accommodates over 140 employees, working across

Moray East, Moray West and new opportunities. It was first opened in 2010, when OW secured Zone 1 in the Moray Firth of the Round 3. Since winning a contract for the difference in 2017, the Edinburgh team have gone from nearly 40 to 140 currently. From a team of 30 at the start of 2021 dedicated to
Moray West project, there are currently around 10 vacancies to be filled.

Although Covid has meant that most employees work remotely, the recruitment process has continued, including eight interns in 2020 and eight more are currently sought. OT’s repeated attendance at the upcoming Scottish University graduate job fair is expected to spark interest in these roles again. The internship program aims to help young professionals gain insight and understanding of the variety of roles needed to lead the industry to achieve the ambitious offshore wind goals under the offshore wind sector agreement, on the way to Net Zero. In addition, OW has also just launched the graduate recruitment program for 2021, with international internships for the 15 selected graduates.

Dan Finch, Director of OW UK commented: “I am delighted that we are increasing recruitment for the O&M phase of Moray East, currently Scotland’s largest infrastructure project. The first stage of the operations and maintenance phase will see a new part of the team grow around our state-of-the-art base in Fraserburgh. Despite the challenges caused by COVID-19, this recruitment is in addition to ongoing recruitment in the Edinburgh office as projects mature and we prepare for new ones. This is good news for Scottish jobs and demonstrates the positive impact of our offshore wind farms on the Scottish capital and coastal communities.

“I am convinced that we will secure other projects through the ScotWind rental cycle which will require additional recruitment to develop these new projects and, ultimately, new O&M teams based in the ports concerned. With the right signals from the government at the next CfD auction and as part of the post-COVID-19 green recovery, we stand ready to provide the significant amounts of private funding needed to deliver a pipeline of major energy infrastructure projects that will help generate Net Zero as well as jobs and a range of local socio-economic benefits. Moray West is set and ready. ScotWind’s success will accelerate our track record of positive impact in Scotland. ”

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