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Next step for a new housing project in Newport

An innovative new program to provide affordable housing to people at risk of homelessness can take the next step.

Newport City Council is leasing part of the Hill Street parking lot to Linc Cymru for a supported housing project.

Twelve self-contained apartments will provide “mobile” accommodation, for people who have stayed in temporary accommodation, in a location close to essential services.

Linc Cymru will manage rentals and support for residents to enable them to have a more stable and secure life. The aim would be to help them obtain longer-term housing where they could live independently.

Consultation with neighbors began prior to the submission of a full planning application.

Work will initially progress using the authorized development rights introduced to enable the provision of emergency housing for various purposes, including homelessness. This authorized development is for a period of up to 12 months and if the building permit is not granted, the development will have to be removed.

All the car parks will be closed from the start of the works, but a part will then be reused as a car park.

Councilor Jane Mudd, Head of Newport City Council, said: “Even before the pandemic, our goal was to help people get off the streets and find housing. The coronavirus has made this even more imperative and has given everyone greater focus, including many who live on the streets and have started engaging in services for the first time.

“It has not been easy as some people have complex issues and unfortunately there is still a minority who refuse help for various reasons, but our housing team and partners continue to try to work with them. them.

“Finding suitable accommodation has been our biggest challenge and a number of solutions have been found, including temporary housing units at Mission Court. In addition to providing shelter, providing support has been crucial and for many people it has been life changing.

“The next phase of dealing with this problem is crucial because we want to help people who are currently in temporary accommodation find more permanent accommodation. The Linc Cymru program will provide self-contained apartments for up to 12 people who will have access to targeted support until they are ready to live independently.

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