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MSP demands UK government roll back ‘shameful’ cut in universal credit

South Scotland’s Labor MSP Colin Smyth called on the UK government to reverse its “catastrophic” cut in universal credit.

The call comes after new figures from Scottish Labor revealed the impact the cut will have in southern Scotland.

According to figures from Labor, in East Ayrshire, up to 32% of households will be affected.

This means that thousands of local households will lose up to £ 1,040 per year when the reduction takes effect.

Mr Smyth (pictured above) called on the Tories to ‘undo the cut’ and called on the SNP to show ‘ambition’ in charting a better course in Scotland.

He said: “The Conservatives are inflicting untold damage on the local people with this shameful cut.

“It has never been justified, but it is more dangerous to go ahead with this reduction because the crisis in the cost of living is worsening with rising energy bills and soaring prices in the stores.

“Across southern Scotland, thousands of homes will be affected, forcing them to make impossible choices in trying to make ends meet this winter.

“It is not too late for the Conservatives to do the right thing and reverse this catastrophic cut.

“This improvement was a vital lifeline during the pandemic, but it was also an admission that our social security system is not suited to its goals.

“It wasn’t good enough for those who needed it during the pandemic and it’s not good enough for those who need it now.

“The Conservatives have abandoned any pretense of caring for the most vulnerable in our society. “

He added: ‘If the Tories are determined to take this heartless approach, we can and must take a different path in Scotland – but it will require real ambition on the part of the SNP.

“Both governments must do everything to prevent poverty and ensure a truly immediate recovery from the pandemic. “

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