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LEAF prepares for launch after successful event

A first event organized by LEAF recently took place at the Lymm Hub, encouraging local residents to ‘turn a new leaf’ and help reduce their carbon footprint.

About 150 local people visited the booths of nine local groups who joined forces as LEAF (Lymm Environmental Action Forum), a new coordinating body in the village, aiming to unite environmental groups in the region.
At the heart of the event was a mobile showroom for Hero Renewables showcasing renewable energy options including air and ground source heat pumps and explaining incentives such as the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) program.
Next to them there was a car exhibition; a hydrogen car whose only emissions are water (H2O), a hybrid electric car and a 100% electric car demonstrating its charging methods.
Lymm Community Energy has shared its achievements since its inception in 2014, including the installation of solar panels in the four primary schools in the village and LED lighting in three schools as well as other community places.
They also launched the public consultation for a solar farm project in Lymm.
The event saw Cherry Tree Elementary School produce a giant paper warp and the Friends of Lymm Library Craft Group create a knitted warp. Reunited, they recognized how Lymm came together to leave no one behind during the Covid pandemic. They also represented the unity between the younger and older members of the community and symbolized how the residents of Lymm can work together to address environmental challenges.
The Refill Round showcased a line of plastic-free substitutes for commonly used household products and explained how their refill system works. Owner Julia commented “It was great to see how much enthusiasm there is to support our local eco-friendly organizations,” adding “We need to take positive action to tackle the climate crisis and all. the world at Lymm can help – quick and easy ideas are to petition your local MP on this, reduce plastic consumption and switch to a renewable energy supplier ”.
The Lymm & Thelwall u3a Climate and Environment Group discussed what people could do to help the environment. The u3a group encourages its members to recycle “hard to recycle” items such as toothpaste tubes and tablet wrappers and recommends reading the book “There is no Planet B” by Mike Berners-Lee.
Another idea shared by the Lymm Transition Village group was “A Library Of Things” – an abbreviation of MANY because there is so much we can all do to help save the planet. The Object Library hopes to become a lending library to discourage the purchase of “new” equipment for infrequent jobs. The addition of a repair shop in Lymm to repair minor faults instead of purchasing spare parts would go hand in hand with this initiative.
Low Carbon Lymm has shared information posted on their website on what you can do about climate change and how to reduce your carbon footprint. There were also exhibits from the Friends of Spud Wood and Oughtrington Community Orchard, including information on Woodland Wednesdays, wood allotments and volunteering at Spud Wood.
The Warrington EEC Bill Alliance was the last position and distributed postcards to residents to write to our two local MPs asking them to represent the views and future well-being of their constituents by supporting the bill on the environment and the climate emergency (EEC) which currently passes through parliament. Over 100 postcards were written during the event, which will be sent to the respective MPs.
LEAF plans to host a series of regular pop-up events at the Hub. Their official launch will run alongside the postponed Lymm May Queen event on Saturday, September 25, 2021.
For more details on LEAF, its partner organizations and projects, or to get involved in supporting future initiatives, please email [email protected] or contact Ray Banton representing LEAF on 07831 271847 or Richard Pearce representing Lymm Sanctuary Hub on 07976 352914.

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