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Latest coronavirus: work calls for removal of “ local backdoor locks ”


The 10-day quarantine for close contacts of a person infected with Covid will remain after June 21, even if people have received both doses of the vaccination.

Imposing quarantine on those who have been vaccinated could mean people delay returning to overcrowded events for fear of notification from the NHS, the Telegraph reported.

Spain expects to be added to the green list when the next review is announced on June 7.

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Nadhim Zahawi on Covid passports: “ No final decision has been taken ”

Conservative Sir Desmond Swayne (New Forest West) has asked when the government will outline its plans for Covid passports.

He told the Commons: “Some of us will be viscerally opposed to the use of Covid passports in the national economy. When will the government present its proposals in sufficient detail? “

Vaccines Minister Nadhim Zahawi said: “We are looking at a body of evidence around Covid safety certification and whether it can play a role in opening up high risk areas.

Nadhim Zahawi / PA wire

“It would be remiss of a minister or a government not to take an interest in technologies around the world that would allow us to open not 20% of Wembley Stadium for the FA Cup final, but the whole of Wembley Stadium.

“No final decision has been made. We will of course be … determined to present our findings of the review before step 4. “


Hospital reports one of busiest days for A&E as Covid-19 cases rise

The Royal Bolton Hospital has reported one of the busiest days ever for its emergency department.

In a statement on Tuesday, Deputy Managing Director and Deputy Managing Director of Bolton NHS Foundation Trust Andy Ennis said: “Yesterday was one of the busiest days we have ever had in our emergency department.

“People face a range of issues and the staff work very hard to make sure they get all the care they need as quickly and efficiently as possible.

“However, we are also now seeing more people requiring hospital treatment due to the effects of Covid-19, and although we have a number of them overnight, we still have 41 hospital patients with Covid, including eight in intensive care.

“As the bank holiday weekend and the semester approach, which is always a busy time for the NHS, we expect this pressure to continue. As such, we are taking urgent action to ensure that we can continue to effectively manage this demand. “


Curator Jason McCartney: When are we going to start using granular data to fight epidemics?

Curator Jason McCartney (Colne Valley) asked for clarification on travel advice for mid-term families and hospitality support to deal with cancellations.

He asked, “When are we going to start using granular data to fight epidemics rather than lumping entire areas of the board together into these advised restrictions?”

Conservative Antony Higginbotham (Burnley) said: ‘What we need more than ever is very clear communication from the government so that the residents of Burnley, Blackburn, Bolton know exactly what is expected of them. ‘them, then could the minister just confirm that these directives are guidance and my constituents can still exercise the freedoms they claimed last Monday?

He called for a meeting with other MPs “to discuss what more we can do to make sure this communication is clear in areas where we need it most.”

Mr Zahawi replied: ‘A number of colleagues have asked me about the by-election of Batley and Spen, we have just demonstrated in the local elections that we can conduct elections safely and that we will also be able to do so. conduct this by-election safely. . So they just need to be sane, let’s work together, let’s put it all together and get rid of the politics.


Conservative Lee Anderson calls for clarification on self-isolation

Conservative Lee Anderson (Ashfield) asked for clarification on self-isolation.

He asked: “I read in the papers this morning that even though you have had two strokes and come into contact with someone who is a positive case, then after June 21 you will still have to self-isolate for 10 days. , so could (he) please confirm if this is correct or not? “

Mr Zahawi replied: ‘Obviously if you contract Covid you need to isolate and quarantine, but these contacts, we regularly look at tests to see if there is an alternative, but it will, I’m afraid have to wait – a little longer, before step 4, when we say more about this on June 14th. “


Sturgeon: efforts underway to speed up vaccination program ‘as far and as fast as supplies allow’

Nicola Sturgeon said efforts are underway to speed up the vaccination program “as far and as fast as supplies allow,” adding that this includes speeding up second doses.

But she said: “At some sites over the weekend we saw a pretty high level of absences for appointments that had been scheduled.”

However, she stressed that overall vaccine uptake rates remained “incredibly high”.

Nicola Sturgeon / PA wire

She said that people getting vaccinated is not just about protecting themselves from the virus “it is also part of our civic duty to each other and to our communities at large.”

With a new service having been put in place to allow people between the ages of 18-29 to register for vaccination, she said that in the first 16 hours of the online system being available, more than 22% of people in that age group had signed up, claiming that was “brilliant.”


Jonathan Ashworth brands advise ‘local stealth locks’

Shadow Health Secretary Jonathan Ashworth called the guidelines “stealth local lockdowns”.

He told MPs: ‘Does the Minister appreciate that towns like mine in Leicester or towns and boroughs like Burnley or Bolton or Batley and Blackburn have borne the brunt of the crisis in the past 15 months? We have often been locked up longer than elsewhere. Sometimes we felt abandoned, we did not have adequate financial support.


“The families did their best, but they struggled. So can the minister understand how upsetting it is, how insulting it is to have new restrictions imposed? Local lockdowns stealthily, through the back door and the secretary of state doesn’t even have the courtesy to come and tell us.

“Why was this guidance posted on a website Friday night and not communicated to everyone? Why were local directors of public health and leaders of local authorities not consulted? Why weren’t members of Parliament informed? And what does this mean now for our constituents?


Nadhim Zahawi: Government takes ‘swift action’ in Covid hotspots

Vaccines Minister Nadhim Zahawi told MPs the government was taking “swift action” in areas where the number of cases of the Covid variant was first high in India.

He said House of Commons ministers “remain alert to new variations that may undermine the progress we have made.”

He added: “We have really criticized the variant first identified in India, wherever we have found it, increasing testing capacity and vaccine for those who are eligible.

“Over the past few days, we’ve extended this quick approach to even more areas. So besides Bolton, Blackburn and Darwen, which the Prime Minister spoke about at his press conference on the 14th of this month, we are moving quickly in Bedford, Hounslow, Burnley, Leicester, Kirklees and North Tyneside.

“As the Prime Minister indicated two weeks ago, we urge the inhabitants of these regions to be very careful when meeting people outside their homes or to support the bubble, including outside rather only indoors when possible, keeping them two meters away from those you don’t live with and people should try to avoid traveling in and out of affected areas unless it is. essential.


School attendance in public schools in England is declining

Attendance at public schools in England has fallen over the past week, according to government figures.

About 91 percent of public school students were in class on May 20, up from 92 percent on May 12, according to statistics from the Department of Education (DfE).

About 87% of high school students attended school last week, up from 89% the week before, while primary school attendance fell to 94% last week, from 95% on May 12.

The DfE estimates that around 1.0% of all enrolled students – up to 104,000 children – did not attend school for reasons related to Covid-19 on May 20.


Unions demand mass tests and vaccines as part of Glasgow exit plan

Mass testing and contextual vaccination clinics should be set up in Glasgow to ensure the city can upgrade to Level 2 along with the rest of the country, Scottish Labor leader Anas Sarwar said.

“I want us to recognize that we have a specific challenge in Glasgow and I don’t think it’s fair that Glasgow continues to lock down perpetually – that in itself would have a negative effect on the health and well-being of people,” said Mr Sarwar told the Palestinian Authority. agency.

“I think we need urgent action – not a half-hearted response, not an inconsistency of the message, not an inconsistency in decision-making.

“Let’s identify these sensitive areas, move on to mass PCR testing, door-to-door if necessary, organize pop-up clinics for the vaccine for anyone aged 18 and over, whether they have an appointment or no, she can show up and get her vaccination and let’s open our city again.


Travel advice is ‘disproportionate’, says Redfearn

The Labor mayor-elect of North Tyneside said travel advice was “disproportionate”.

Norma Redfearn said: “We have not received any consultation or communication regarding this advice which has implications for the people of North Tyneside and the wider region.

“It is essential that the government explains what this advice means in practice.

“We have implemented improved supplemental screening and immunization services and are working hard to reduce infection rates.

“This advice is disproportionate to North Tyneside.”

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