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Latest coronavirus: ‘Grab a jab’ vaccine campaign underway as South American variant found in UK


People across England are urged to visit hundreds of walk-in vaccination sites this weekend as Covid-19 cases continue to rise.

NHS England chief executive Sir Simon Stevens said the country was in a “race to the finish line” in its vaccination schedule as summer freedoms loom.

Any adult in England will be able to get vaccinated this weekend without an appointment at hundreds of walk-in Covid-19 vaccination sites, including football stadiums, theaters, supermarket parking lots and shopping malls.

Six cases of the Lambda variant have been identified in the country, all linked to travel abroad.

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Thousands of people have tested positive for COVID and failed to complete landing forms correctly

Nearly 2,500 people who tested positive for the coronavirus after arriving in the UK earlier this month have given authorities the wrong contact information.

An access to information request sent to the Department of Health and Welfare by the PA news agency found that between February 14 and May 10 of this year, 2,473 people had not completed correctly their passenger tracking forms.

It is not clear if any of these people were prosecuted, but 52 were found to have a worrying variant of COVID.

According to government guidelines, anyone failing to complete arrival forms correctly could face a fine of up to £ 10,000 and 10 years in prison.

A passenger at Heathrow

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Yvette Cooper, Chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee, said: “These are the types of loopholes and errors in the system that make it easier for new variants like the Delta variant to spread across the country. We need a more robust system to identify, monitor and track cases of new variants to prevent their spread in the community. “

A government spokesperson said: “Protecting the public has always been our top priority, and our vaccine program and the robust border and testing regime we have in place help minimize the risk of new entry. UK variants.

“We have some of the toughest border measures in the world to protect our country and it is crucial that people comply with their duty of quarantine, as well as a test on the second and eighth day after international travel from the orange and red list. countries.

“We have rigorous border controls and Border Force strives to ensure that it has the appropriate staff to verify that passengers are complying with health measures at the border, including completing passenger tracking forms. “


Where can we walk in the Covid vaccine in London this weekend?


‘Single injection’ vaccine recipients may need booster doses

Experts are calling on people who have received the Johnson & Johnson ‘single injection’ vaccine to be given a booster shot in an effort to protect against variants of concern, such as the Delta strain first identified in India and now endemic in India. UK.

The J&J vaccine has been approved in the United States, as well as in the United Kingdom.

It is hoped that a single-dose regimen will allow people who live in hard-to-reach areas of the world to be protected from COVID without the logistical headaches of staging repeated shootings.

BELGA / AFP via Getty Images

However, there is no substantial data to show how effective the J&J vaccine is against the Delta variant, and experts say it’s evidence that a booster of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine should be considered to improve. protection of J&J recipients.

Stanford University professor Dr Michael Lin said: “The principle of taking easy steps to avoid really bad results is really a given.”


Malta imposes a quarantine on unvaccinated Britons

British holidaymakers who are not fully vaccinated against the coronavirus will need to self-quarantine upon arrival in Malta, the country’s government has said.

The Maltese government has reintroduced the self-isolation rule amid growing concern in Europe over high rates in the UK of the Indian variant or delta Covid.

Only vaccinated Britons will be allowed to enter Malta without having to self-quarantine as its status as the only all-green destination on the list has seen a nine-fold increase in online searches for vacation packages by Britons.


Australia: Sydney and surrounding areas will enter two-week lockdown

Sydney and some surrounding areas will enter a harsh two-week COVID-19 lockdown on Saturday as authorities struggle to control a rapidly spreading outbreak of the highly infectious Delta variant that has grown to 80 cases.

More than a million people in Sydney city center and the eastern suburbs of Australia’s largest city were already stranded due to the outbreak, but health officials said they had to extend the curbs after more infections have been recorded, the sites of exposure increase beyond the initial areas of concern.

“While we don’t want to impose charges unless we absolutely have to, unfortunately this is a situation where we have to,” said New South Wales Prime Minister Gladys Berejiklian .


Grab a jab vaccination campaign underway across England as cases continue to rise

Hundreds of walk-in vaccination sites, including stadiums and shopping malls, will open in England this weekend in an attempt to bite people as Covid-19 cases continue to rise.

NHS England chief executive Sir Simon Stevens said the country was in a “race to the finish line” in its vaccination schedule as summer freedoms loom.

The ‘grab a jab’ campaign comes as the UK recorded another 15,810 laboratory-confirmed Covid-19 cases as of 9 a.m. Friday, a 50% increase from the 10,476 new cases reported a week earlier.

Pyrotechnics explode at Vicarage Road

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The NHS will publish the sites locally so people can choose the best location for them, or they can type their postcode on to find their nearest sites.

Among the sports grounds involved are the Newcastle Eagles basketball arena, Watford’s Vicarage Road, Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium and Birmingham’s Edgbaston cricket ground.

Buses offering injections will also operate in Dudley, Colchester, Ipswich and elsewhere, while community vaccinators will visit people confined to the house.

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