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Job search help for universal credit applicants aged 16-24 – FE News

You can get additional help finding work through the DWP Youth Offer if you are:

While you benefit from the youth offer, you will continue to receive universal credit in accordance with the agreements made in your commitment as an applicant.

The Youth Offer offers 3 different types of support:

Youth employment program
Youth centers
Young employability coaches

You will agree on the best option for you with your professional coach at the start of your application or later as your professional coach gets to know you.

Youth employment program

The objective of the Youth Employment Program is to prepare you for employment, to increase your chances of professional integration and to guide you towards the most suitable support. This could include:

The program lasts 13 weeks and you will work with your work coach at the jobcentre.

Job and skills assessment

Following your applicant engagement meeting, you will have a job and skills assessment with your job coach. During the exam, you

discuss your skills and the types of work you would like to do
identify any job-related training you need
get help developing and improving your CV, cover letter, interview skills and job search activities

During your stay in the Youth Employment Program, you will have talks with your work coach by phone, face to face or online for ongoing support and coaching.

You will get support to meet your individual needs and deal with any personal barriers at work you may encounter. Your work coach can direct you to other local supports and local employment opportunities, for example:

DWP Youth Centers

Your work coach can refer you to additional support for up to 6 months from a Youth Hub work coach.

Youth hubs are located with other organizations to provide access to more services in one place. They support you in your job search by helping you develop your skills and other activities such as CV writing and interview skills.

DWP opens Youth Hubs in England, Scotland and Wales.

Some youth centers offer a reception service for all young people who need help finding work, including those who do not apply for universal credit.

Contact your local employment office to find the nearest Youth Hub.

Young employability coaches

Your professional coach can refer you to a Youth Employability Coach if you have complex needs or other barriers that prevent you from finding a job. They are located in employment agencies and support you for up to 6 months to support you in your professional integration.

They can also provide 6 week support while you are at work when you have started a job.

Travel and childcare expenses

If you have training or work experience, you may be able to claim travel and childcare expenses. Talk to your work coach.

Online job search assistance

The jobhelp website has job search information, CV help, applications and interview help. It includes links to some national recruitment exercises and information to help people under 25 find work.

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