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Get a new Ford with a mobility allowance!

Do you benefit from a mobility allowance? If you do, then you could qualify for the Motability Scheme – the UK’s leading car program for people with disabilities.

The mobility scheme is available to those who receive the mobility component at a higher rate of the living allowance for disabled people, the increased rate of the mobility component of the personal independence allowance, the independence allowance of armed forces or the mobility supplement for war pensioners. If you need help with a mental health problem, you may be eligible for the Personal Independence Allowance.

To rent a car, payments are deducted from the allowance every four weeks and then paid directly to the Motability Scheme by the relevant pension fund.

Allen Ford, Essex Ford and SMC Ford provide affordable, convenient and worry-free driving for people with disabilities, their caregivers and families through one of the UK’s largest dealer groups.

Our specialists have years of experience and will give you the best information to help you choose a car that suits your needs, help you fill out the paperwork and look after you for the three years of the agreement.

Most drivers choose a rental agreement because they love the convenience of a one-time, regular payment that includes full insurance, full breakdown coverage, upkeep, maintenance, and repairs, and a package deal. rental contract which they do not need to drive. They can nominate up to two drivers who can be friends or relatives (and a third driver can be added during your lease), and parents or guardians can apply on behalf of a child aged three and over.

Thurrock Gazette:

The lease represents great value, especially with some of the offers on offer including a prepayment of £ 0. Models available include the Ford EcoSport SUV and the award-winning Ford Puma Mild Hybrid. If you want a plug-in hybrid or electric car as part of the mobility program, you can get a FREE home charging station with a government grant.

Renting a Motability car gives customers the freedom to make accommodations, which can have a significant effect on their mobility. Popular adaptations include an adjustable steering column, manual push-pull controls, left-foot throttles, an electric hoist for lifting wheelchairs and electric scooters into the car, swivel seats, easy-release hand brakes , pedal extensions, steering wheel balls and infrared controls.

Thurrock Gazette:

With Motability, customers get a new car every three years. Allen Ford in Essex, Essex Ford or SMC Ford in Kent contact them a few months before their lease expires, and if they decide to continue with Motability, they can choose a new car for their next three-year contract. (provided they are still eligible).

It’s easy and hassle-free with our friendly and fully trained motability specialists! If you have any questions or would like to book a test drive, simply call 01268 921761, use the 24/7 live chat feature on our website, or use a request form at to make an appointment with a specialist via a live video call, to your home or in person at an Allen Ford, Essex Ford or SMC Ford dealership.