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Gary Burgess’ charitable work across the Channel Islands

One of the things that Gary He was most proud of how he was able to bring about positive change through his work.

Not only has he been successful in finding solutions to people’s problems, righting historic wrongs, or holding those in power to account, Gary has done a great job for the charity.

He campaigned tirelessly to raise funds and raise awareness Cancer and the sick me.

Gary was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 23 and has continued to raise awareness about the disease. Credit: ITV TV channel

Gary was diagnosed with testicular cancer at the age of 23.

He then used his public image to help many awareness campaigns.

The charity Guernsey male insurgency described him as a leading figure in their campaign against testicular cancer.

the #JumpInForCancer The campaign raised thousands of pounds for Cancer Research UK and was organized by Gary’s good friend and local activist, Susie Campanella.

Susie organized the fundraiser after hearing about Gary’s diagnosis of terminal cancer end of 2020.

Gary and her husband Alan in their Susie Campanella rubber boots. Credit: ITV TV channel

More money was then raised for cancer support as a result of Gary’s emotional conversation with ITV Channel’s Jess Dunsdon.

Viewers set up a Just Giving page, which raised over £ 32,000, to send Gary on a cruise with her husband Alan.

However, Gary chose to donate the money to Macmillan Jersey – and to thank you, the association gave its name to a piece.

Macmillan Jersey named a coin in honor of Gary to thank you for this important donation. Credit: ITV TV channel

And when he ran a bracelet campaign for Cancer Research UK in 2019, they sold in every store in Jersey.

Gary led a bracelet campaign for Cancer Research UK. Credit: ITV TV channel

In 2017 Gary publicly announced that he was living with ME, myalgic encephalomyelitis.

He spoke to ITV Channel about living with the disease with the aim of continuing to raise awareness of the disease which causes extreme fatigue, pain and disturbances in thinking.

Gary described living with ME as, “Imagine your worst hangover combined with the flu all the time.” Credit: ITV TV channel

Gary created video diaries and hosted a successful podcast ‘The ME Show‘to educate the public.

A fellow in pain like Chrissy Cardy says having a face well known to raise awareness about the disease was priceless.

While Gary left us too soon – his legacy is sure to live on in the hundreds of people he has helped throughout his career.