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Drivers have warned hot weather could cause around £ 2,500 in body damage

Leasing Options experts say vehicles could be damaged by powerful UV rays that could force drivers to splash for urgent repair work. They warn that the rays can penetrate molecules in the car’s paint, which could make the bodywork less reflective and dull.

This could require drivers to pay to have their vehicle repainted to repair the damage.

However, Leasing Options suggests that a full paint job would cost drivers an average of £ 2,400.

Mike Thompson, director of Leasing Options, also warned that drivers’ tires and the car’s battery may also need to be replaced.

“When it comes to weather damage to cars, most motorists immediately think of snow and ice damage.

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They warn that the extra heat causes the air inside the tires to expand, which could lead to over-inflation and inflation on the tire wall.

The specialist claims that many of the 300,000 tire-related breakdowns each year occur during the summer months.

Holts Auto has also issued a warning for car batteries, warning that the weather can “wreak havoc” on the vital part.

Extremely hot weather can damage the chemical processes inside the battery, which means they have trouble holding their charge.

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