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DF selects a post to be filled at the polls in November

DOVER-FOXCROFT – A vacant position on the Dover-Foxcroft Select board of directors will be filled in the November ballot, as city officials signed documents for the municipal elections to be held at the polls on Tuesday 2 November, in conjunction with a state poll.

DOVER-FOXCROFT – A vacant position on the Dover-Foxcroft Select board of directors will be filled in the November ballot, as city officials signed documents for the municipal elections to be held at the polls on Tuesday 2 November, in conjunction with a state poll. Formal approval came at a meeting on June 28.

Earlier this month, the Board of Directors accepted the resignation of member William “Ernie” Thomas, effective June 15.

In his resignation letter, Thomas said that due to his job overseas he would no longer be able to take on the responsibilities associated with the elected post.

“I will add that it has been a great privilege to serve the Town of Dover-Foxcroft,” Thomas wrote. “I enjoyed working with everyone involved in running the city; until the end, they served the best interests of the city with integrity. I think Dover-Foxcroft is very fortunate to have so many outstanding professionals performing the functions of city government and I wish you success in all your future endeavors.

Thomas’ mandate was to last until June 30, 2023. His successor elected in early November will serve for nearly 20 months.

In other cases, the board of directors has formally signed the documents for a USDA loan and interim financing for vehicles and equipment for the Dover-Foxcroft Fire Department.

The city will receive a $ 1.4 million direct loan for USDA community facilities to upgrade the vehicle fleet and firefighter safety equipment through the purchase of a used ladder truck, d ‘a new fire engine and 17 breathing apparatus.

After recently replacing the ladder truck, the fire department will replace a 1999 pump truck with a new model sometime in 2022 with a purchase agreement at a June 14 board meeting.

“[Fire Chief Joe Guyott and Lt. Brian Gaudet] have done their homework. Together they obtained information from [Allegiance Fire & Rescue of Walpole, Massachusetts] and other suppliers, ”CEO Jack Clukey said at the June 14 session.

Allegiance Fire & Rescue will manufacture a Pierce Enforcer 1500 GPM top mount pump for $ 702,965. If the full $ 682,241 is returned to the company within 15 days of full performance of the contract and performance guarantees, the balance due upon delivery will be zero dollars for a savings of $ 20,724. Delivery is scheduled for June or July of next year.

The selection committee signed a bond anticipation note from Bank Androscoggin – the only lending institution to bid – up to $ 1.4 million as needed at a rate of 1.7 percent up as of September 1, 2022. The bond will be in place to help pending USDA Funding.

“It’s part of the funding,” Clukey said. “In February, we went to a town meeting for $ 1.4 million for the fire apparatus.”

The ladder truck, the first item of expenditure, was delivered in early June. The second part is the pump truck and the third component is the airpack.

After the affirmative vote of 128 to 13 – about 90.8% of those in attendance – at a special town meeting in early February, Dover-Foxcroft officials drew up a plan to purchase the new ladder truck for the service of ‘fire.

The vote was for a $ 1.4 million loan from the United States Department of Agriculture to immediately replace the 1993 ladder truck and begin replacing a 1999 pump truck with a new custom model, as well. only to purchase replacement air packs. Of the $ 1.4 million, approximately $ 590,000 will be for the ladder truck, $ 690,000 for the pump truck and $ 140,000 for the air bags.

The estimated interest rate and term is 2.125% for 30 years. The maximum interest payable over three decades is $ 507,540 for a combined total cost of $ 1,907,540.

The engine exploded in December in the ladder truck that the department has owned since 2015. Due to the age of the vehicle, it is difficult to find a replacement engine and even more difficult to obtain warranty for an extended period. The new ladder trucks cost over a million dollars.

The 1993 Ladder Truck was the only such vehicle in the area, required to reach the top of taller buildings such as The Mill Apartments, the Foxcroft Academy dormitory, the roof of the Northern Light Mayo Regional Hospital , the Piscataquis County Courthouse and the Piscataquis County Ice Rink.

Gaudet began looking for dealers across the country in early December, and a 2012 truck with a 100-foot ladder – which was in service at Virginia Beach – was located at Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus. Guyotte, Deputy Chief Jerry Rollins and Firefighter Timothy Perkins traveled to northeast Alabama to inspect the ladder truck in person.

After some negotiation, a price of $ 590,000 was set with the 2012 ladder truck to be delivered to Dover-Foxcroft. The current truck was included in the transaction by being sold for $ 40,000 and transported south. The new truck comes with a three-year warranty that covers all components valued at $ 3,000 or more, and necessary warranty work can be performed in Auburn.

The plan called for fire officials to place an order for a new custom fire truck to replace the 1999 pumper. The department purchased the new 1999 pumper before the turn of the century.

Seventeen air packs are 29 years old and not as up to safety standards as current models. The department requested funding from FEMA, but wanted the additional funding in the event that the request was denied.

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