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Daniel Morgan Murder: Priti Patel Says Case “One of Most Devastating Episodes” in Met History – Live | Politics

From the outset, there were allegations that police officers were involved in the murder and that police corruption played a role in protecting the murderer (s) from prosecution.

By failing to recognize or confront, in the 34 years that have passed since the murder, his systemic failures or the failures of certain agents, by making false claims about the quality of the investigations and by his lack of candor, which is clear from the documents we have examined, we believe that the first objective of the metropolitan police was to protect themselves. In doing so, he added to the suffering and trauma of the family.

The Metropolitan Police have not been honest in their dealings with Daniel Morgan’s family or the public. The family and the public must apologize.

As I said, the Metropolitan Police hid from Daniel Morgan’s family, and the general public, the flaws of the original murder investigation and the role of corrupt officers. This lack of frankness, for so many years, has been an obstacle to good accountability. In 2011, the Metropolitan Police publicly declared, for the first time, that police corruption was a factor in the failure of the first police investigation. However, he was unable to provide a satisfactory explanation of what this corruption was or how it affected the investigation.

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