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Class 43 locomotives unveiled in RailAdventure livery

RailAdventure has signed a new partnership agreement with Hanson & Hall Rail Services and, at the same time, purchased eight Class 43 locomotives, which will operate back to back to operate domestic services.

Munich-based RailAdventure has been involved in delivering new trains from Europe to the UK, such as the new Merseyrail Class 777 trains.

Alex Dworaczek, Managing Director of RailAdventure GmbH, said: “We always want to support the development of our customers and we are now proud to be able to offer the most flexible and highest quality solutions from our own source for the UK domestic market. . In addition, local proximity to production sites is important to us.

Locomotives RailAdventure Hanson and Hall Class 43
Credit: Henk Zwoferink Photography for RailAdventure

Since their inception three years ago, Hanson and Hall have supported operators in the UK and, as part of their expansion plans, have partnered with RailAdventure. Hanson and Hall will now operate under “Hanson & Hall as part of the RailAdventure group”.

Jason Hall, Managing Director of Hanson & Hall, said: “This is a really exciting time for us as we scale up our service offerings. Thanks to the combined experience of Rail Adventure and our company, the UK rail industry and its suppliers are poised to receive a sea change in service levels, and I am delighted that we have such fantastic partners supporting us. during the next stages of our growth. “.

Locomotives RailAdventure Hanson and Hall Class 43
Credit: Henk Zwoferink Photography for RailAdventure

Hanson and Hall’s Class 50 and 31 locomotives will both wear the RailAdventure livery in the future, according to the operator. For the expansion of the fleet, RailAdventure claims to rely on proven equipment, using locomotives independent of any manufacturer or operating company.

In this regard, Alex Dworaczek says: “What we want to avoid is, for example, using a current product from a locomotive manufacturer to transport the prototype of another competing company, which can lead to conflicts. interests with our clients. ”

Locomotives RailAdventure Hanson and Hall Class 43
Credit: Henk Zwoferink Photography for RailAdventure

Eight HST electric cars were purchased from a UK leasing company, namely: 43296, 43308, 43423, 43465, 43467, 43468, 43480 and 43484. The first two, 43296 and 43308, were purchased for parts. spare.

Six power cars will double to form three double locomotives and will be equipped with translation technology to allow control of the brakes of multiple towed units.

Locomotives RailAdventure Hanson and Hall Class 43
Credit: Peter Alvey for RailAdventure

Habfis coupling adapters will also be transferred to the UK, with the 43480 and 43484 coming out of the paint shop this afternoon (April 19, 2021).

The 43 are also intended for use as traction vehicles in testing centers in Central Europe.

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