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Citroen Ami two-seater electric city car: new customization options available

With 1,000 UK reservations for the Citroën Ami now taken, the French brand has unveiled a selection of new customization options for European customers of its two-seater electric city car. These include graphics packs called “Camo”, “Jungle”, “Tutti Frutti” and “British Globetrotter”.

Meanwhile, Ami drivers in France can create their own bespoke designs for the ultra-compact EV. To give an idea of ​​what was possible for future Ami owners, Citroën created one with a hot-rod-inspired flame livery, with another sporting several images of cats and the phrase “I love my cats. “.

According to Citroën, the decals can be easily applied by owners using a few online instructions provided by the brand. A full range of customization options are expected to be available to UK Ami owners when the electric city car crosses the Channel in early 2022. However, how far UK Ami owners can go has not yet been confirmed.

Over 14,000 people in the UK have now expressed interest in a Friend, and over 1,000 of them have paid a booking fee of £ 250 to get their hands on one within two weeks since the site of the brand began to accept them.

Citroën announced that the Ami would arrive in the UK in September 2021. CEO Vincent Cobée told DrivingElectric at the time: early next year.

An exact price for this market has not been confirmed, but it shouldn’t be far from the French figure, which starts from € 6,990 (£ 5,945). However, if there is a small increase when it hits showrooms early next year, it will be because UK cars will come standard with a Type 2 charging adapter in addition to ‘a three-prong socket. This means that customers will be able to recharge their Friends from most public charging points or from a home wallbox.

Everything else on the Ami, including its 8bhp electric motor, top speed of 28mph, 5.5kWh battery, and 46 mile range, will remain the same. UK customers will be able to choose from the same trim levels offered to European buyers, with the premium version getting exterior styling features and additional graphics.

The commercial version of the Ami, the My Ami Cargo, is also expected to arrive in Britain. With the same limited range as the passenger version, the My Ami Cargo is best suited for last mile parcel and food deliveries in urban areas.

But while 75% of Ami’s customers have so far purchased the ultra-compact electric vehicle, it is also offered as part of extremely affordable rental deals. Cobée hopes that Citroën UK will be able to reproduce some of the leasing offers offered in France. “It is available for rental in France for less than a mobile phone subscription,” he tells us.

“You can deposit € 3,000 and the monthly subscription is a mobile subscription [from €20 a month], either you deposit € 1,000 and the monthly subscription is the same as a metro subscription [from €69 a month]. “While customers will have the option to visit a showroom, test drive the car and have a salesperson place their order, the Friend can also be ordered directly online.

Citroën UK chief executive Eurig Druce, who persuaded Cobée to sell the car in the UK despite the lack of initial plans, also revealed that he hoped the Ami could be introduced with innovative options for car sharing. “You can’t have such an innovative car and drive it in a conventional way,” he said. “People buy it with cash, but I would love to see Friends collections on street corners, where it might become the norm not to get an Uber, but to get a Friend.”

In addition to the commercial version, the Ami also spawned a sister car to Opel, called the Rocks-e, but it will not make it to the UK as Vauxhall. Meanwhile, Renault launched its mobility brand Mobilize with the EZ-1 concept car that could rival the Ami, and Kia has hinted that a new purely electric city car may be on its way to rival it as well.

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