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Ashley Giles says England players wouldn’t miss international cricket for rescheduled IPL

The IPL was postponed last week due to the Covid-19 situation in India and the 11 English players involved have since left the country. Nine are in quarantine in the UK and Chris Jordan is in Barbados, while Eoin Morgan prepares his next move from the Maldives, now on the red list (unable to enter Barbados for a vacation). Giles joked that Morgan was on a ‘little world tour’

Controversially, England were to allow their players to stay at the IPL until its scheduled conclusion rather than leaving early in order to participate in the two tests against New Zealand next month. But Cricket manager Giles said a repeat situation was not an option as this series was staged late – after the IPL deals had been struck – to help England play financially recover from the pandemic.

England are already running an extremely busy schedule which sees them playing a busy summer of cricket in all formats, before the T20 squad travel to Bangladesh and Pakistan to prepare for this fall’s World Cup. Then come the ashes and, in early 2022, a tour of the Caribbean.

It’s unclear where and when IPL – which was roughly halfway through its group stage – can resume, but if it clashes with England’s matches, players will show up for the squad. national.

“The New Zealand scenario was very different,” Giles said. “We organized these test matches. I think they were formalized at the end of January, when all of these contracts were signed, and no objection certificates were signed for full participation in the IPL.

“A revamped IPL… none of us know, don’t know what it’s like right now, where it’s going to happen, or when or if, but as of the moment we start this summer against New Zealand, our program in the FTP is incredibly loaded.

“And inside of that, we’re going to have to take care of our players. But we have a lot of top level cricket including the T20 World Cup and Ashes. We therefore plan to involve the English players in the England matches.

Giles went on to conclude that “we have a full FTP so if these tours are happening I would expect them to be there.”

Giles said that while his players were at the IPL and the situation in India was getting worse, the ECB “thought about it every day almost every hour we were awake.” They chose not to intervene, he said, because they felt their role was to advise the players. When the tournament was officially postponed, the situation eased.

“I’m happy that the majority have followed our advice and that they are back in the country and although they are serving a period of quarantine, at least they are back here and cannot be affected by the changes of red. , green listing countries around the world, ”he said. “And once they’re out of quarantine, they can go back to their families and get back to life.”

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