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Around the tracks: General Motors to develop next-generation Lunar Rover for NASA

In addition, Ford lends a Mach-E to all residents of the smallest town in the UK.

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General Motors to Develop Next-Generation Lunar Rover for NASA

General Motors is working with spacecraft experts Lockheed Martin to develop the next generation of lunar vehicles. As part of NASA’s Artemis program, they will transport astronauts to the moon.

NASA has challenged the technology and mobility industry to manufacture a new lunar vehicle. Once created, the LTV will allow astronauts to study the moon’s surface in greater depth.

Features such as autonomous and autonomous systems will be incorporated to allow the rovers to prepare for human landings.

Fans got more than they paid for as diesel truck explodes trying to hit 3,000 horsepower on test bench

The truck had already hit 2700 horses on the test bench at home, then the owners thought they would bring it to a public event to show off its power.

On this occasion, unfortunately, all the nitrous and boost fire through the truck’s engine had a detrimental effect on it, and it exploded. Fortunately, the audience was not injured, even with large pieces of debris flying through the crowd.

Want to try an electric vehicle in the countryside? Ford lends them to the UK

Ford is lending a Mustang Mach-E to all residents of the UK’s smallest town. The American company has high hopes that it will convince rural people to switch to electric vehicles.

It was all sparked off by research conducted by OnePoll (published in March) revealing that 82% of people polled in rural Britain would not feel comfortable buying an electric vehicle as their next vehicle.

In addition, since access to charging stations is scarce in rural areas, Ford is working with British Gas to install a charger in the city.

Have you ever wondered what the “ lazy ” seats of the Hyundai Ioniq 5 are based on?

One of the flagship features of the Hyundai Ioniq 5 are the specially designed reclining seats that allow you to lie back and relax while the car is plugged in to recharge. The comfortable design was actually based on research for NASA’s zero-gravity posture shuttle.

According to internal Hyundai documents, the Ioniq 5’s driver’s seat was designed with reference to a NASA study titled “ Assessment of Neutral Body Posture During Shuttle STS-57 Mission (SPACEHAB- 1) ”

The eighth-generation Sonata sedan is also available with a comfort seat design that reclines and reclines in the “zero gravity position”.

This 1963 Chevrolet Impala formerly owned by Dr. Dre is for sale

the Chevrolet Impala from 1963 which once belonged to American rapper Dr. Dre is now up for auction. Proof of ownership comes in the form of video and signed documentation.

The standard engine was a 3.8-liter six-cylinder unit, with the base V8 a 4.6-liter Turbo-Fire mill. However, Chevrolet wanted to make sure there was an engine for everyone, so the lineup included several six-cylinder and V8 units.

The auction is done through eBay, with auctions starting at USD 100,000 (AU $ 130,000) – although avid buyers with deeper pockets can avoid bidding wars and bring the car home for “Only” 150,000 USD (200,000 AU).

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