5 lifestyle tips to save energy and money

Lower the thermostat. Do not leave the TV on standby. Don’t fill the kettle for a cup of tea – are you tired of the same old advice?

We have partnered with an environmental charity Hubbub to bring you new tips to help you live smart. Whether you care about the planet or your wallet, these tips are sure to save energy and money on your bills.

Energy saving tip # 1

Cook with your microwave, not your oven.

Cooking in the microwave uses less energy than heating your oven. You can read more energy efficient cooking tips in our guide.

Energy saving tip # 2

Stop washing your hair … as much

How often you should wash your hair is a controversial topic among beauty experts, but the general consensus is that washing your hair daily is bad.

So if you’re used to including a lather-rinse-repeat process in your daily shower, give your boiler a break by reducing how often you wash your hair.

Energy saving tip # 3

And stop charging your phone while you’re at it

Most of us are guilty of this: plugging in our mobile devices at the end of the day so they can charge overnight, ready to go when we leave the next day.

But, it turns out that you charge your phone 100% many times in fact out of print battery life over time. To keep your cell phone battery in good condition for the life of the device – and reduce unnecessary power consumption – stop overcharging it.

Energy saving tip # 4

Get a smart thermostat

If you are often away from home on an irregular schedule, the smart thermostat ensures that you are not heating an empty house.

Even if your central heating is set on a timer that suits your work schedule, last minute plan changes or a late meeting often mean your home is hot and no one is around to enjoy it.

With a smart thermostat, you can remotely control your heating, including turning it off because you’ve been told about pints after work.

Energy saving tip # 5

Stop falling asleep in front of the tv

Not only is it wasted energy having the TV on when you sleep, it’s bad for your health.

Think you can’t fall asleep without it? Recent research has shown that stimulating televisions and cellphone screens actually makes Stronger so that your brain turns off and you fall asleep.

Even watching TV for up to an hour before bed can disrupt your sleep cycle. So switch off to save energy and get a more rested night’s sleep.

Hubbub Live Advice Bonus

#LiveSavvy Tip: We’ve all heard of turning off lights when we leave a room, but did you know you might not even need it? Designing your room to let in natural light from windows and using mirrors to reflect it can help keep rooms bright. Plus, dirty windows can block up to 10% of sunlight, so clean them!

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