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11 things to do to celebrate Norfolk Day 2021

To make Norfolk Day the success we know it can be, we need YOU!

We urge individuals, community groups, attractions, organizations and businesses to think about how they might get involved.

Now in its fourth year, the event promises to be bigger and better than ever and there is no doubt that many exciting and wonderful events and initiatives will take place in the run-up to the big day.

Taking place on Tuesday July 27, Norfolk Day is supported by the Eastern Daily Press, Norwich Evening News and BBC Radio Norfolk and provides an opportunity to shout out and cheer on this fantastic place we live in. People might also consider hosting an event the weekend before.

Here are some ideas to get you started …

    Would you be ready to welcome something into the community you live in? It could be a picnic in the local park or maybe a socially distant street party. Facebook groups in local towns and villages are a great way to spread the word and it doesn’t take long to put up a few banners and make sandwiches.

    In 2018, the London Tavern in Attleborough hosted a Norfolk Day Family Day with a picnic with teddy bears and local crafts and food. Pictured, Theo Gilmour and Pippa Derrick of Green Cottage Vegetables
    – Credit: Sonya Duncan

    Maybe you could encourage your child’s school to get involved? We would love to see schools take on Norfolk themed projects before the same day. Maybe the students could recreate the Norfolk flag from recycled materials or draw pictures of their favorite Norfolk monument?
    Community groups are so often the glue that binds our towns and villages together. We urge community groups to think about ways to celebrate Norfolk Day. Could you organize an event that would help you talk about the work you do to make Norfolk the county we all love? It could be something for people of all ages or families.

    Norfolk Day

    Residents of Fleggburgh, Clippesby and Billockby gathered at Fleggburgh Village Hall to celebrate Norfolk Day.
    – Credit: Nick Butcher

    Local pubs and restaurants can also get involved. Maybe they could create a special drink or snack for Norfolk Day? Maybe the staff could dress up in yellow and black or as one of Norfolk’s most famous people in history?

    Members of North and South Pickenham WI celebrate Norfol Day at the Blue Lion Pub.  Image: Ian Burt

    Members of North and South Pickenham WI celebrate Norfolk Day at the Blue Lion pub.
    – Credit: Ian Burt

    Several of our many venues have hosted events as part of Norfolk Day celebrations in the past and we would love to have many more this year. Could it be an evening of music, dance, performance or maybe some kind of exhibition? If this past year has taught us anything, it’s that so much can be done virtually too.

    Norfolk Day 2018. Fun at Potter Heigham.  Ronan Lumb as Lord Nelson with Gary and Kay Hill and their

    Norfolk Day 2018. Fun at Potter Heigham. Ronan Lumb as Lord Nelson
    – Credit: Archant

    For businesses, Norfolk Day not only offers the chance to get into the spirit and get involved, but also to showcase what you do so well. Are there any specials you could offer just for Norfolk Day? What about themes, like a Norfolk inspired menu or promotions on Norfolk related products? Norfolk Day provides the perfect opportunity to host some sort of special event.
  7. Take an adventure
    Is there a better place to explore with loved ones than Norfolk? Safe, friendly and so much to do and see on the doorstep. Visit a new place in the county that you’ve never heard of or been to before – alone, with a friend or with family.
  8. Are you part of a sports team? We already know that Norwich City are truly the best football club in the country, but could your team host a special Norfolk Day game?

    Participants run over 1000 miles for Norfolk Day.  Photo: Melanie Sturman

    Participants run over 1000 miles for Norfolk Day. Photo: Melanie Sturman
    – Credit: Archant

    Create a blog or write about Norfolk. Put the pen on the paper (or your fingers on the keyboard!) And share whatever you like about the county and ask others to participate.
    Read a book by a Norfolk author, or one set in Norfolk, to show your appreciation for our wonderful literature. Anna Sewell was born in Great Yarmouth and is best known for her novel Black Beauty. Philip Pullman was born in Norwich and his popular fantasy series, His Dark Materials, has several references to East Anglia, Norwich and the Fens.

    Great Yarmouth - BuildingsYarmouth's Anna Sewell House on Church Plain dated March 17, 1982

    The Anna Sewell House in Great Yarmouth on Church Plain – dated March 17, 1982 – Photograph C1779

    Why not donate to one of your favorite charities in Norfolk or offer to volunteer? It doesn’t have to be a regular commitment if you’re short on time. Why not participate in a clean beach? Or get involved in conservation. The Norfolk Wildlife Trust has lots of suggestions on their website.

    Norfolk Wildlife Trust Ambassador, Children's TV Presenter Jess French and Vice President, John Sna

    Norfolk Wildlife Trust Ambassador, Children’s TV Presenter Jess French and Vice President John Snape support Norfolk Day.
    – Credit: Denise Bradley

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  • If you are having something for Norfolk Day, no matter the size, please tell us about it or share a photo so we can give it some promotion. Email [email protected]uk, tweet @norfolk or use the hashtag #NorfolkDay, or visit the Norfolk Day Facebook group.

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