Real estate credit and promise of employment: is it possible?

Taking out a home loan is an important decision. To have the happiness of being a homeowner, you must be able to repay your credit for many years. What are the criteria that can encourage the bank to give a positive response?

What are the bank’s criteria for a mortgage?

What are the bank

The bank, as a financial institution, is the only one authorized to lend money for a mortgage. She lends a sum over a given period, in exchange for interest; whose rate is variable, from one establishment to another.

In order to be certain of being reimbursed, the bank takes no risk. She asks that you take out loan insurance, but she also looks at the state of your finances. If she looks at expenses in terms of resources, to estimate the remainder of living and therefore the debt ratio, what about when you do not yet have a stable professional situation?

I have just received a promise to hire: can I get a mortgage?

I have just received a promise to hire: can I get a mortgage?

We have just offered you an employment contract offer. However, even if that is called a promise to hire, no contract has yet been signed. The promise to hire becomes a contractual act when the two parties (the employer and the future employee) have agreed on the terms of the contract and both sign it.

The bank will prefer to wait until you have signed your final contract before granting you a loan. The CDI, in this context, is perfect, to reassure a bank, as for your future solvency.

A promise to hire occurs in many cases, when the position intended for the employee is not yet vacant or being prepared, as part of a new service from the company. There may therefore be a lapse of time, until the official signature. How to be sure, then, of being able to obtain a mortgage quickly, so as not to miss a real estate opportunity?

How to maximize my chances for my mortgage?

How to maximize my chances for my mortgage?

It takes a little time to build a mortgage. To optimize your chances, you can call on a mortgage broker. The latter, depending on your situation, will take all the elements, including the amount of salary that appears on your promise to hire.

He can tell you, at first, if your mortgage loan request can be accepted by a banking establishment. It can also help you develop a coherent financing plan to present to the bank.

His fairly broad area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise does not stop there the services he has to offer you. Performing a comparison for you to find the bank that will present the most attractive offer is what it can do.

Indeed, all banks offer different services to stand out from the others. It may be useful to compare offers, to find the one that fits your specific needs.

By calling on this professional, you will save precious time, in order to be able to obtain your mortgage, as soon as your employment contract is signed.

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